Buddistick 12 meter contacts INDOORS

I worked England, France, Greece, and Croatia today from W3 on 12 meters with the Buddistick set up INSIDE my house. I was in the mood to try and it worked real well – reports were 55 - 59. I listened for SOTA activations, but heard none unfortunately. I did need to adjust the length of the whip substantially to about 6 1/2 feet instead of the recommended 56" for it to tune. I’m so pleased with my homebrewed “stealth” antenna.

73 de KB3UYT

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Awesome, do you have pictures of your Homebrew posted somewhere - I just turned an old Centerloaded “Truck Master” into a buddistick mounted to a camera tripod. I love band conditions that allow indoor stealth opn’s


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Well done on the Buddistick contacts Eric. My main station antenna is a Buddipole in my loft. Using 2.5W on voice and data modes I have so far 67 DXCC’s including Japan and Uruguay today on 10M for new ones and I have worked 31 of the 50 states of North America. I need Oceania for WAC QRP.

I should drag my Buddipole up a SOTA soon as I’m sure it would have plenty of fun with it.

73 Chris M0RSF