Buckden Pike G/NP009 - 5th March 2009

Having only just got back to the soft South may I give a belated thanks to those 13 stations who called me on Buckden Pike on 5th March. I had intended to get on the air by 11.00am and alerted as such but the combination of substantial snow, icy path, bog and rocks slowed my progress considerably and I only got there at 12.00. The slip-sliding approach was very different from my last activation of this peak in June 2004.

Once there the view in the sun was as stunning as ever and the cold wind equally so, despite a Helly Hansen, thick shirt, padded mountain jacket, scarf and cap, so I was very happy to prop up my home-built 3 ele for 2m and hunker down behind the drystone and make a few contacts and take a few photographs.

In passing I don’t recall the wooden ‘pike’ near the cairn being there before, so presumably this is a newer feature.

Many thanks for contacts from:

G6LKB, G3OHC, G4BLH, GW0DSP, G0PVH, 2E0XLG, G6MZX, GW4EVX, M0GGR, G4OBK, G0WUY, M3LIU and 2E0FRX, those who spotted and those who wanted to make sure I qualified the activation.

Best 73s