Buckden Pike 7/11/09

Just thought I’d share my pic of the remembrance service atop Buckden Pike yesterday.


The weather was a lot milder than last year, although it was still very misty. I worked 5 chasers with my handheld, sorry there wasn’t time to work any more.

Loooking forward to being more active of late, during the winter bonus season!


In reply to M0CGH:
Hi Colin,

Well done. You did say you were going up to the service. I was at one also but 2000 feet lower down!

I remember being on Tryfan at 11:00 on 11-11-2007 and shutting down for two minutes. It was a good opportunity to publicise it on 2m FM. Just now, with what’s going on abroad, it is good to see that the tradition (if that’s the right word) is as strong as ever.

We will no doubt see red poppies and crosses on Great Gable as they were last December when I was there. Scafell Pike had some too.

Best wishes, John G4YSS.