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Bruno HB9CBR now MG

Congrats Bruno on achieving Mountain Goat status today on the lovely HB/TI-141 Salmone!
You realized this in fact in a very sporty and ecological way - by public transport instead of using a private car.

Always a pleasure to chat with you. Curious to see if you’re really doing QRPp (1W) on your further activations?

73 gl,
Heinz HB9BCB


Congratulations Bruno !! Thanks for the many QSO’s over the years. I was particularly happy to work you this morning as you achieved MG.

73 Rich N4EX.

Congratulations Bruno. Thanks for many beatiful QSLs.

73 Jan OK2PDT

Well done 'tis again Bill

Congratulations Bruno, thanks for the many summits over the years. It was good to work you today on your MG activation.


Victor GI4ONL

Congratulations Bruno. Very well done, achieving Mountain Goat status. Thanks for the QSO’s and points during the short time I operated HF bands in 2016. It was a pleasure to meet you on the radio. Apologies for my very bad CW.
Best Wishes, 73 de Paul M0CQE.

Congratulations Bruno, and thank you for all the past contacts! Now on to 2000!

73, Walt NE4TN

Congrats, Bruno!
73 Paul HB9DST

Bravo Bruno !
73 de Roger - F5LKW

Gratuliere Bruno und wünsche dir weiterhin viele schöne Aktivierungen
vy 73 Hans, HB9BQU

Hello Everybody and thank you very much for the congratulations. It took me almost 3 and a half year to reach MG - one reason is that i am still working (80 % ) and my usual SOTA day was Thursday .The other one is, that with a few exceptions i always used public transport and therefore i was sometimes limited to the choice of the locations.

Thank you very much for all the contacts - i just love to do SOTA and CW and i am always keen to make as many QSOs as possible (as time allows…). This summer i will be retired and hopefully more often on the hills and mountains… - i am looking forward to meeting you all again.

vy 73 s Bruno HB9CBR

Congrats Bruno!

73de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

Congratulations Bruno,
3.5 years to MG isn’t bad - I’ve been active over 5 years in SOTA and so far I’m only about half way to MG!

73 Ed.

Félicitations Bruno.
See you on summits

Many congratulations Bruno. Hope to work you again sometime soon. All the best for your future activations.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Congratulations Bruno,

I only have the front legs of the goat. I know what an achievement the whole goat will be. Thanks for the many contacts.

David G0EVV

Congrats Bruno!

Tks for the activations and wrk me!
Sake., PA)SKP

:clap: :clap: Congratulations, Bruno, for the MG, which means, IMO, joining the SOTA VIP group :slight_smile:

I’ve looked through my log and found these are the summits you’ve given me over the 3 years 2014-15-16.

Thank you very much and I’ll be looking forward to chasing you many more times in the future.


Congratulations to Bruno, HB9CBR, who become Mountain Goat. He made all his activations with 5 watt and with public transportations. Bruno is operating CW only. He learned keying, when he was working for the company “Radio Switzerland”, a costal station. There he made QTCs with ships. In the cold war he was one of the operator in the Swiss Army, responsible for the daily traffic between North/South Korea and Switzerland.
Bruno is not only an activator of summits but also the secretary and cashier of HB9SOTA. It is always a pleasure to work Bruno as a chaser or in a S2S-QSO. Welcome to the herd!
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

Bravo et félicitations à Bruno ! Hope to meet you soon those next monthes
Best regards