Brown Clee Hill Activation

This was my first activation since 25th September, due to car problems, a couple of sore throats - one I blame on our grandson, and very cold conditions which can make things very uncomfortable for those of us on heart medication.
Nothing special about the approach from the west, which is well described in the summit notes and was quite wet above the 500 metre contour. The summit was in cloud with a roughly westerly breeze.
A self-spot with my T-Mobile 'phone was followed by QSOs on 80 with G4DCG, G3CWI, G0RQL, GW0DSP, G0VWP, G0TRB and G0NES. I was relieved that conditions were good, with only a couple of reports of QSB, having noted the difficulties experienced by Tom on a couple of mornings recently. Changing to 40 brought a noisy QSO with DL2EF, and another station then started calling CQ over me. A QSY to a quieter slot brought in HB9AGH, LA5SAA, DJ5AV, DL5WW and DL6KMV. Although I would have given OK1SDE a 4/6 report, we were unable to complete the QSO. Changing to 14.285 brought 2 problems: my mobile repeatedly timed out before completing the self-spot, and the '817 indicated a high VSWR on transmit. A visual check showed no obvious problems, but rather than risking damage to the XCVR, I called it a day. Apologies to anyone hoping to catch me on 20.

The antenna system was set up in the garden in the afternoon (accompanied by much twitching of curtains) and VSWR checks on 80, 40 and 20 showed the antenna to be OK.

Many thanks to everyone who called in, and apologies to any who missed me.

Hope to be out on Titterstone Clee Hill (G/WB-004) tomorrow morning. Only one summit as I only get the car pass for the morning.

Regards and Seasons Greetings

Dave, G6DTN