Broughton Heights GM/SS-128

A lot more windy than expected. I stuck to 30m due to the CQWW contest taking place. Tried 17m but not much propagation. -3C Windchill at summit :frowning:

#Hammer Head and Green Lairs (not Marilyns but pretty in snow)

#Penvala GM/SS-145

#Fence Waffles!

#Fence Waffles detail

#Looking towards Edinburgh with The Pentlands in the distance. WX turning

#Trig point

20 QSOs, 19x 30m CW, 1x 17m CW. The snow was melting on the return trip making the valley very wet and muddy. Nice simple, but cold, activation.


Brrrrrr… winter bonus deserved but not gained Andy. Sorry I wasn’t here to give you a call.

73 Phil

Nice pics Andy. Went for a wonder up the Pentlands this afternoon but unfortunately I wasn’t able play radio as was with others, but wow it sure was super cold in the wind!

Even though Paul and I have activated this one, your report has invoked a jealousy factor of 9 out of 10. With all that white stuff about, it brought back memories of Trahenna last February. I always enjoy it when there is snow around, but it is best when it is lying on the ground and not falling from the sky to find its way into my backpack. Seems like you had ideal conditions.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Hello Eskimo boy,

Well I was probably passing under you en-route to visit me maw in Peebles. And what about 13cms. I’m sure CQWW wouldn’t have reach up there - hi!



PS: New set of wheels as of last Thursday (doesn’t quite match your Babe Magnet though :heart_eyes:), so I’ll be back on the trail of SS one-see’s before Xmas.

Yesterday was not SMA weather!

Aww - was ‘tootsies’ too big?