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Broken VK port-a-log to SW3 connection

I can no more send and receive spots from SOTAwatch3 on my VK port-a-log app on my Android tablet (android ver. 7). All was ok on my last activation on March 7th, and still is ok on my android 11 phone.
Nothing has been changed on my tablet, it just stop working.
App says that it can not connect to SW server.
When trying to send a spot error message is returned:

Anyone else has this problem?
Any suggestions?

73, Mirko

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Has an SSL certificate/authority expired or been deprecated on Android 7 ?

It worked before on Android 7, so certificate/authority expiration could be to blame, but I dont know where to look for this in my tablet.

Can you log in to SOTAwatch on your tablet?

Yes, I can. and I get Parks and Peaks spots in VK port-a-log

No problem with the latest VK port-a-log on Android 11.

73 Stephan

It’s to do with the certificate chain on older Android not recognising the SSL certificates we use.

There’s a few sites that explain how to fix it in software, eg:

Depends on what request library Port a log uses

Thanks for the link Andrew, will try it.

this is far beyond my horizont, I am just a sw user. Thanks anyway.

73, Mirko

It probably needs a “fix” on port a log side but I don’t know the code.