Brocken DM/SA-001 during contest

I am planning to activate Brocken DM/SA-001 on Saturday or Sunday.
I want to participate in Alpe-Adria VHF contest with call DL/OE3XOB/p (mainly cw).
So may be no one will recognize this as a sota activation.
I will be qrv 1 hr max.
I do not know if RBN will work on 144 MHz in this region.
May be there is an intersection with cotesters and sota-chasers?
Please spot me!! Just in case I cannot do it myself.
If it’s DL/OE3XOB/p on the air for this weekend it will be this particular summit for sure.
If there is time I will be QRV with DL/OE3VBU/p on sw as well.
Looking for some nice s2s…

Thank you, vy 73 Martin OE3VBU


Hej Martin,

have you already activated Brocken? If not, close to Teufelskanzel is the only reasonable spot with a good take-off to the South and which is in the activation zone. Lots of curious people around, so bring your headphones (the bigger, the better) to show them that it’s no way to talk to you. Don’t setup your station on the summit, as this would attract the crowd. You’re not allowed to leave the trails.


POM, tu for advice,
I have been to this summit in 2007, but I got my license in 2012…
As I heard today there is also a repeater up there (QRG?) where I can announce my activation.
Well, I love to talk to strangers, and I can work a contest while talking to them. Let’s do it!
I prefer people who are interested in what I am doing to people who are complaining that I am disturbing their egocentric monosphere, hi But I will get to the suggested QTH…
73 Martin

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I don’t think anybody will complain. Most folks will even be very friendly. In the eastern states, playing radio portably is much more accepted than in the western states and talks often start with “I was a CW operator with the NVA…” and such.
DB0HSB is on 439.325 (- 7.6) 1750 Hz. The repeater is mostly used in the Braunschweig/Wolfsburg area. I’d guess that the dedicated SSB/CW OPs will be QRV anyway and that you won’t attract many more. But you don’t know before you try.


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I will take part at the BBT on Sunday on 70cm and 2m in SSB. But probably from a GMA summit in JN69MD or JN69MC. Harz is somewhat exotic for this contest but perhaps we manage a S2S.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

@POM tu info!
@Michael, would be nice to meet u agn s2s.

73 Martin

Watch out for the Brockengespenst :wink:


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tu, no need, I provide my own, my XYL will join me.
73 Martin

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