Thanks Jon. The chaser information is what I was after and it looks great! Will the information just include the last time you chased the summit or will it list more than that? The only summits on alerts/spots at the moment are, ironically enough, ones I have only chased once!
Sadly no points for me today, out in the morning, asleep in the afternoon and then visitors. In the interests of multi lingual support…C’est la vie!
Will Sota peak? I don’t think it will for a while to be honest Richard. It is such a great idea. As far as I am concerned all the best bits of amateur radio rolled into one. I enthuse about it to radio friends regularly, though I do worry that this will backfire and endanger my standing in the tables…
Hope to work you this week on CW Ric.
By the way I am using IE 7 and the problem has gone away.

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Hi Quentin,

Yes, it should list all your chases for the summit along with mode and frequency. Let me know how it looks when you see one that you have worked more than once.

73, Jon

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Found one. Arening Fawr. I have chased it twice and it looks really good.
Thanks for all your hard work.