Brief activation reports DM/BW-195, - 845, -057, -156, -664, -094

Hi everyone,

during the past two weeks I did some activations around my home. Here you can find brief activation reports and some pictures.

As always it was lots of fun. Thanks for the QSOs and cu from the next one!
73, Roman - DL3TU


Always nice to understand a little bit more about the equipment being used.

For our QSO between GW/MW-029 and DM/BW-664, I was using my KD1JV Designs 2 band Mountain Topper with 3S LiPo to a dipole on 4.1m pole. I use a Palm Pico with custom cable. I’m really struggling with my flea powered rigs, and moderate performance receivers, with the current propagation conditions, I was very grateful for the QSO!

73, Colin

Hi Roman,
I see you have also added links to these articles to the summit information pages - thanks for doing that, many don’t bother and it’s a shame as that should be the central place to be able to get this very useful information via.

73 Ed.

Hi Collin,

very interesting to take a look at your equipment. It is really leightweight and produced a nice signal. RST was 579 on my EFHW- Dipole (hanging in a tree ;-))

Hope cu agn!
73, Roman - DL3TU