Bric della Croce I/PM-253 - Iw0hk

Good day everyone,
yesterday I was in Turin for work and I had a couple of hours free after lunch and so I decided to try a quick Sota activation on one of the hills of the city. I chose the Bric della Croce I/PM-253, a hill of 712 mt. that can be easily reached from the center in 20 minutes by car. After parking I walked about 10/15 minutes to reach the top of the hill. On the top there is a weather radar and a military base full of antennas of all kinds. In front of it is a large lawn with trees where activation can be attempted. In the photos, as you can see, I preferred not to photograph the military base, but only the “free” part. I used my new ZM-2 tuner for the first time and I must say I was very impressed, it works really well. The radio was an HB-1A and the antenna a simple longwire tied to the mast. At the end i made 13 qso on CW on 20 and 40 meters and a nice s2s with Hb9afi / p.

Despite the limited time available, it was a real pleasure to be able to broadcast from the hills of Turin and to be able to connect several friends from the Sota world who are always listening with pleasure. The “light” kit with the new tuner works very well and therefore I am happy to have lightened my setup even more. See you next time

73 Andrea IW0HK