Bredon Hill G/CE-003 14 January

Thanks to the stations that worked me on Bredon Hill today. My apologies for the awful audio on ssb which was down the awful wind, although moving to a more sheltered position at the suggestion of Richard G4ERP did not help much but did at least get me out of the worst of it. My headset kept getting blown off, and the dog kept running off with my rucksack!

I missed some stations, and heard my callsign very faintly from one before i lost it having failed to identify the caller, so really sorry if this was you. Antenna was Sotabeams MFD. i didn’t even try to put up the 40m antenna.

There was a lot of QRM around 144.310.

Conditions underfoot were poor as the ground seem to be frozen solid below about 2 inches of mud which made for an interesting ascent, and somewhat alarming descent.

Probably a call from me was heard weekly or my call was missed when the headphones fell off,may be next time always have a listen down to the south west.
I am about most times on 2 ssb.73 Don G0RQL.

I shall be out again on saturday coming weather permitting. Either Cleeve Hill or Worcestershire beacon. I’ll post an alert when I Have decided. I’ll try a 2 m yagi this time and perhaps try and find a different headset. I can’t believe how loose it was. I’ve got a big head as well…




The tower on Breedon Hill is a transmitter for POCSAG in the VHF spectrum and really deadend the receive on my 817, I moved a bit further away and took shelter against the wall and I hardly noticed the interference.



You could make life up there a great deal lot easier, if you were to get the dog a rucksack of it’s own!

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Make sure you put non-food items in the dog’s rucksack and food in your rucksack. That way the dog wont go loopy trying to get its rucksack off and eat the contents. It should also stay closer to you as you have the tasty comestibles.

:grinning: I’ve seen some really good dog panniers that would let her carry the battery, antennae etc. I wouldn’t trust her with the lunch or the radio though.

She kept finding pheasants to chase. There was a shoot going on close to where I parked the car as well. She’s learning to be a working spaniel so it was all a bit exciting.

I tried a few locations on the summit, but settled on the most sheltered from the wind And least muddy. Are the aerials on the tower new? I don’t remember them being there last time I was up which I confess was in 2011.

If she were mine, I might get her a rucksack, but I wouldn’t trust her with a shotgun!

Bring her visiting during the season, I can find her plenty to do.
We might even make an activation and I could let you sniff the cork from one of my bottles of Malt!!

How many bottles of malt do you carry on an activation?:grinning:

Walt (G3NYY)


No you misunderstand Brian, Barry only carries the corks! They get returned to the appropriate bottle on the return to base so they can be recharged for the next outing. Personally I would have two sets of corks so one is always ready for an outing… a bit like having a set of batteries charged and ready to go :wink: