Brecon Beacons 30th Aug - 6th Sept

Spending a week just outside Hay on Wye for the week, taking some radios and hopefully weather permitting (and my radios working) should be activating a few of the high peaks in and around the Breacon Beacons next week (Sunday onwards)

GW/SW and maybe G/WB

2M / 70cm FM + hf ssb (maybe also 2M ssb if I remember to get the yagi out of the loft)


Jonathan de M0LDY

first holiday without kids !!!

In reply to M0LDY:

Have fun. Hope the weather is good.

Lots of good info on the GW/SW hills here:

and some stuff of my own here:

I’ll finish putting the missing words in when I get more time :slight_smile:


In reply to M0LDY:

Hi Jonathan

Look at the Alerts for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Some big pointers up for grabs and s2s also in GW / SW.

I will be listening for you on Tuesday for s2s?

Good Luck and have fun.

Allan GW4VPX