"Breaker Station" during 2m FM SOTA activation

During yesterday’s activation of GW/NW-013 on 2m FM, someone interrupted a couple of QSOs by keying up and announcing themselves with: “Breaker Station, how do you copy?”.

The station was louder than the stations I had a QSO with so I had to request a repeat of signal report whilst the “Breaker Station” kept talking as if I had called him.
I ignored him as I wanted to complete my ongoing QSO. I then called QRZ. I responded with an individual’s call-sign and the same happened again: “Breaker Station”.
A chaser asked for me to answer this station as ‘he was a relatively new Ham’, so I requested a full callsign of the “Breaker Station” but by that time the individual had QSY’s seemingly due to lack of response from me.
My SOTA QSOs are around 45s - 1min; sometimes with good wx, may well be longer, but hardly a 10 min rag-chew for someone wanting to join in. If many stations are calling, I always state that I will work everyone, and I always have.

Is this a a left-over from CB radio or lack of QSO practise during lock-down on-line exams?

Have you ever experienced this and how did you deal with this?

73, Robert


I would just work those calling with a callsign. Thanks for the QSO.
73, Roger


Again, the tweaked version of Fight Club rules #1 and #2 apply here.

I really do hate CB lingo!


Hi Robert

Yes … he was the one that kept talking over both of us while we were going for the S2S - it tries your patience doesn’t it !



Hi Rick,

Indeed, our S2S QSO was affected. You shared your signal report and I couldn’t hear it so had to ask for you to repeat it but I got no response thinking you disappeared, only for you not hearing my response as he was talking.

But we managed in the end!

Feel sad in a way for the person unable to conduct a QSO.

73, Robert


A lot of it is a copy of ham lingo of the fifties.

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Unfortunately, rules #4 & #5 were broken.

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Have you ever experienced this and how did you deal with this?

Yes, once in 6 years of activating on 144 MHz. However it was on SSB.
So, activating in SSB decreases the probability of deliberate jamming to almost nil and if there is some stupid jammer anyway, you will still be able to hear the wanted signal. Using a directive antenna also helps a lot.



Hi all,
It can happen in worse places than on a repeater. In the CB heydays, was taxiing for take off at San Jose’ Municipal (now international) and heard:
Ground control: “Cessna four seven bravo, right turn next taxiway, hold short of runway three zero.”
Cessna: Ten Four
Ground control: TEN FOUR ??
Cessna: UGH… Roger, right turn, hold short; Cessna four seven bravo

Had to bite my lip to not push the button and say: TEN FOUR, GOOD BUDDY

GC: " A/C identification must be a Kenworth" !

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:rofl: :rofl: very good Ken. My wife persists in referring to SOTA as “10 4 big buddy” :man_facepalming: I refuse to bite!

Your story did remind me of Brian Shul’s speed check tale. Link here if you haven’t heard it


Thanks, Andy!
Yes, know the legend. Things like that used to be known as “The perfect squelch”

Best, Ken

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