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Brazilian SOTA Weekend 2021

Hi guys!

Yesterday we made a YouTube live to publish the results of the Brazilian SOTA Weekend that took place on the 17 and 18 of July 2021.

It was a tremendous success!

We had 17 activators that activated 21 differente summits over the weekend.
Our record was only 4 activators activating in the same weekend.
It gave us a lot of S2S possibilities.

We had activations in 7 different Brazilian Associations.
And a lot of chasers participated as well.
You can see the results here: Resultados do Final de Semana SOTA Brasil 2021 | SOTA Brasil

We had 5 different categories and below you can see a sample of the Certificate of Participation that everybody that sent the logs received:

Hopefully we can repeat such event in 6 months.

YouTube live: Resultados do Final de Semana SOTA Brasil 2021 - YouTube