Brainstorm Freya

A few apologies I’m afraid!

I spotted myself on 60m - then realised that the radio I had with me isn’t enabled for that band :woozy_face:

I was really struggling to hear the other stations over Freya. Thank you to all those who stuck with me and kept patiently repeating their calls (as Eric Morecambe nearly said) I had all the right letters, but not necessarily in the right order.

After a long week, I needed the walk, but it definitely isn’t a day for HF on a high mountain (which Win Green isn’t :grin:).

We’re used to holding onto equipment in this country, but I was taken by surprise when my partially laden rucksack took off (and landed in a muddy puddle).

Hopefully the weather will improve for my trip to Snowdonia in a few days time. Speak to you then

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s**t happens

73 Armin

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Bad luck. Easy to do. That might be a first. Other known problems activators have had include:

Forgot to take rig
Forgot to take battery
Forgot to take mic/key
Went to wrong place
Forgot to take coax
Forgot battery lead
Antenna not in pack
Animals would not allow access to AZ.
Park ranger prohibits raising of aerial.
Bad weather not predicted closes summit.
Forgot cable adapter
Got lost and could not find peak

I’m omitting failure of one or more of the above during or at the commencement of an activation and adding:

Rig not capable of operating on chosen band.

I’m sure someone will say why didn’t you take your tool kit out of the pack open the rig, look up mod info on internet use butane powered soldering iron and make mod. Close up rig, make QSO’s. No tool kit? Well your resultant lighter pack is likely to blow away.


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I did Ron. But I also forgot the 240v power supply for the soldering iron :wink:

Despite the flat walk I remember often playing “how far can you lean into the up-draft” as a small child on Win Green! :wink:

Agreed with the forgotten something.
One time went up to Kitt hill & forgot the 8m squid pole got 4 miles up road/


I am sure most of us get it right, most of the time. However, when you get a text from the XYL having just arrived at the summit saying “are you supposed to have packed these batteries that are sitting in the hall”, then that is another level. Thankfully when it happened to me I was able to borrow Paul’s spare. So I say the first thing that you should pack is another Activator. You need an activation partner Andy and one with a 60m rig. :grinning:


Good one Karl,

Not done that yet but did get to summit to find squid pole had detached from the ties on my pack. Found it after walking almost all the way back to the car. Hard to see a black pole in bracken.


Yes a second experienced activator is a great accessory. Especially if you fall over and do yourself a mischief. I should add that to my checklist.


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Not to rub salt in the wound but this was win green four days earlier.
18C and calm. Never done a February activation in a t shirt before :wink: