Brad,WA6MM latest NA GOAT!

Congratulations on achieving MG with all unique summits, Brad! Every time you look at that trophy it should bring you a well-earned feeling of accomplishment. I look forward to many more contacts with you from the summits!

Paul K9PM


Congrats, Brad, your an inspiring and successful quest for mtn goat. It’s been fun watching your ascent!

Comm-gratulations also from NH. Impressive.
Merle KB1RJD and Herm KB1RJC

Congratulations Brad! I wish I could have worked you yesterday and on your other activations but we are way to close. I look forward to hiking with you in the future! Now I want to go hiking tomorrow. I hope your knee feels ok!


Many thanks for all the nice comments! It’s been quite an adventure for over three years doing 100% unique Colorado (W0C) peaks. This forced me to go to many places I never would have visited. I drove and climbed countless miles that I don’t think I’ll ever calculate :wink:. We have an amazing group of activators and chasers and I’ve made many friends – some face-to-face and many on the air.

Although I soloed most of my climbs, I had the pleasure of activating with WA2USA, N2GBR, N0MTN, KI6YMZ, KH7AL, K0JQZ, KC0YQF, and AE7AP. A great group of hams and mountaineers!

I also had the pleasure of face-to-face dinners with K0NR, K0JJW, KX0R, N0TA, WG0AT, AD0KE, KC5CW, K7PX, N1OIE, W0CP, N0MTN, KH7AL, N7UN, W6PNG AND W7ODX. Many Mountain Goats in this group!

I also wanted to acknowledge my top 15 chasers. W7RV, NS7P, W0MNA, W0ERI, N4EX, NG6R, K6EL, WA2USA, KG3W, K4MF, K6HPX, N6PKT, K0LAF, KX0R, AND NE4TN. Most of this group contacted me on my Mountain Goat activation day. Of course, there are many other chasers and S2S activators that I’ve worked and that list is much longer!! SOTA would not exist without chasers and I really appreciate all of you looking out for me.

One last comment….if I were to pick out a single SOTA activator who inspired me the most to keep activating and doing all the off-trail difficult peaks, that would be KX0R. George has an incredible SOTA resume here in Colorado. He also takes the time to document many of his climbs for those who follow. I took advantage of all his trip reports!!

Thanks again and 73,
Brad- WA6MM


Congratulations, Brad. And a pleasure to qso with you from W4V/HB-021 this morning. Wishing you many more summits, 73, David-N3II


Congratulations on an awesome achievement, very well done! Thanks for the qso’s.

Mike AC0PR

Congrats Brad

Roland K7FOP

Nice job Brad! Welcome to the herd.
73 & GL SOTA
Mike NS1TA

Congrats Brad. Great achievement on all unique peaks. 73, Todd KH2TJ

Well done Brad! I always appreciate our contacts. Keep on climbin! Scott kw4jm

Congrats, great job!

Great job Brad, tnx for the activations and chaser points
GL and 72

Congratulations Brad!


Thanks for all the additional responses. I’m feeling the love!! ;-).

73, Brad


Belated congrats and your accomplishment is very impressive. Uniques are hard at the best of time and I concluded during my visit last July when we met that CO is quite a hard place to accumulate points.

Well done!!