Bouvet Island DXPedition on their way

That’s not even a SOTA summit yet Mark and probably never will be.

Jimmy M0HGY

I wouldn’t be too sure of that, Jimmy! Preliminary work on a Nepalese Association was begun in 2016 and fizzled out the next year due, IIRC, to no AM being available. Of course, as a border summit, it could go to an Association for Tibet…

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I had no idea Brian that there was any work being done to set up a Nepalese Association. If there is a Nepalese Association set up in the future, it will be interesting to see who will be the first to activate Everest.

Jimmy M0HGY

More due to other priorities from the individuals involved, but we’ll be getting back to it sometime soon

The Atlantic Tuna is currently at the half way point it seems from the Spot data:

(the highlighted spot at the bottom of the graphic is Bouvet)
At the current rate they will be there on March 31st. Then the hard work starts!


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Well my calculations “suck”!

Let’s try a wednesday arrival - look where they were this morning!

That’ll be a day later that their estimate, that’s not bad. Lets hope the weather at Bouvet is relatively calm seas for them, so they can get quickly on to the island and set-up.


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Spot from 21 minutes ago - I’d say an arrival in Bouvet waters tomorrow is likely. Lets hope it’s calm enough to start landing equipment on Thursday:

Update on DX Cluster at 15:06 UTC from I1APQ - now 100 nautical miles north of Bouvet.


Great, that still gives me time to buy a 3kW linear, 30m high tower, 50m of heliax and 6 element for 40/30/20/17m. I don’t think I can afford the 5 band version. :wink:


Or sit on the coast with a VDA and any old 100W HF radio?

Actually they were working from the ship back into Europe this afternoon for a couple of hours - OK a beam would be needed to work them but they were audible and that would only be a limited antenna on the ship.

Let’s hope the 17m propagation conditions stay the way they are for a couple of days!


The last update shows them veering away from the island. They got as close as 189 miles3z9dx . Seems like a bad sign.

Ariel NY4G

This may be the issue…

They’ve hit the “Roaring 50s” the weather is bad - more info here:

Fascinating! There are certainly some keen radio Amateurs around!

Unfortunately, it looks like it’s 2-0 for Bouvet: 3YØI POSTPONED –

Bottoms! :frowning:

The fierce oceanic forces swept past the upper deck, taking one of the radars, including VSAT, VHF and HF marine antennas, off the mast and throwing them all overboard.)

With any luck, it’ll have taken the FT-8 equipment too :wink:


They are heading back to Cape Town. Ship’s captains decision.

It’s starting to be like a Bermuda triangle down there near Bouvet. There’s a good reason, it’s heralded as the “most difficult place on earth to get to”. The 3Y0I team are already planning a second attempt in April if the navigation equipment can be replaced in time, otherwise it’ll be a 6 months wait I guess - article here:

We sailed across the roaring 40’s and 50’s in a frigate its not surprising if its cancelled or postponed. Sailing between Tristan Dah Cunha and Bouvet island We had the hull of the ship’s clinker built launch smashed in by high seas down there. And the launch was on davits about 30’ to 40’ feet off the sea!. No one allowed on deck and all the hatches and watertight doors battened down. One of two times at sea I thought we’d not beat the sea.

The skipper may well be simply staying out of the way. The seas down there eat small boats for tea and attempting a landing on Bouvet island - which looking at google doesn’t appear to have more than one or two slightly sheltered anchorages. Almost impossible in any swell.

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