Botched summit reference for yesterday's activation of W0M/SF-024. KK0U/P


If you worked me yesterday on W0M/SF-029 (Jayce Mountain), you really worked W0M/SF-024 (Trackler Mountain). Trackler was much more difficult than last time I did it, with many more downed trees across the trail. This required a lot of bushwacking, which really slowed me down.

And because I had overlapping alerts (for SF-029), the bot picked me up as SF-029 rather than SF-024. Since I didn’t have cell service, I didn’t realize it until this morning when I checked to see if I even made it on to SOTAWatch.

So, sorry about any ‘confusement’, but I was really on W0M/SF-024, Trackler Mountain.

Thanks for all the QSOs!

73, Jim KK0U

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