Bonus points

Cant remember but when do the avtivator bonus points finish, for 2007

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Last day 15th March - unfortunately i’m working that day :frowning:

Roger G4OWG

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TNX Roger hoping to be out on sunday a 4 pointer with bouns, :wink:

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Sunday 4th March is my last crack at the bonus as I`m off on holiday the following w/end. May do Burnhope Seat and / or Gt Knoutberry wx permitting.

And what exactly do you want with the bonus points…? Lost the appetite for uniques now that another 2,500 have been added to the “To do” list?

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I`m trying hard to contain myself by way of a reply :slight_smile:

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Lost the appetite for uniques now that another 2,500 have been added to the “To do” list? ====
is this new in the UK ???. where are they ???.

I was just asking as a none sota person was asking me and i could not remember

I might be out on a summit-on-the-air mountain or just a normal Marilyn summit enjoying the walks and views,
We will have too wait and see.

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I think you’ll find they are referring to the French and East coast USA associations that are starting soon. Just a “few” extra summits to chase
Me? I’m excited about completing all 5 GD uniques!

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Always great to chase but even better to activate.

Who’s going to pay for our journey to complete these new uniques;
Im only a poor lorry driver, LOL :wink:
Ive still got loads to do in the Uk before i explore outside the UK.
Do we think there are going to be many avtivators in the USA,
As for GD hoping to do in June 2007 for the TT race…

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Activating is certainly more challenging than chasing I’m sure. More fun? I don’t know. My health makes chasing hard work, but one day I will find a way to activate a summit.
Perhaps we should start a SOTA benvolent fund to pay for activations to wanted summits!