Bogusz OK8PKM hits s2s Platinum

Hi Bogusz,

Happy New Year!
Congrats on achieving s2s Platinum Award (all low power VHF/FM), well done!

73 take care,
Heinz HB9BCB

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I second Heinz and congratulate Bogusz. When I activate summits on 2 m FM, Bogusz is always there as chaser and often even as an activator for s2s QSO. He was also often helpful by breaking into my operation to make me aware of another activation on another frequency so I do owe some of my S2S QSOs to him.Thank you, Bogusz, keep up your SOTA activities and hope for many more s2s QSOs in 2015!
73, Ruda OK2QA (with Sherpa Olga)

Hallo Heinz !
Allerherzlichsten Dank fuer Deine Wuensche zu fuer das nueu Jahr und Glueckwunsch fuer s2s. GPlatinum Award Gluecklichen Zufall, hi.
Heinz, alles Gute Wuensche fuer 2015, Gesundheit und Frieden, das war Dein
Wunsch und soll auch mein Wunsch fuer Dich und Deine Familie sein.
Bohuš, OK8PKM/ Boguś, SP9MKM

Ahoj Ruda !
Dekuji moc za prani a stejne vsechno nejlepsi, hodne zdravi do Noveho roku a i pro Olgu. Diky za gratulace do Platinum Award s2s, zvlast dik za mile QSO s2s v Hostynkych horach.