Bloody moon activation

This year seems to be the year of outstanding astronomic events. After the solar eclipse in spring this year, now a total lunar eclipse is upcoming.

In the early night of Monday, the 28. Sept. 2015, a rare combination of a total eclipse of the moon and a so called Supermoon can be observed.

Caused by the pollution of the earths atmosphere it is expected that the moon will shine in a dark red or brown colour, hence the name bloody moon.


Since the weather forecast for this night isn’t too bad, it might be an interesting undertaking to enjoy this astronomic event in combination with a SOTA activation.

I can see only two major obstacles that keep one from hiking up to a summit, since the total eclipse will be between 02:11 AM and 3.23 AM in the night:

  1. At this time of day, chasers more likely press their ears against their pillows than against the loudspeaker of their radios. So, no chance for getting enough QSOs in order to qualify a summit.

  2. (At least an obstacle for me) Job is awaiting a well-rested and relaxed employee on Monday morning.

So it will be unlikely that I’m on tour.

Has anybody else plans for being outdoor during this event?

73 Stephan, DM1LE

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Hi Stephan,

thanks for pointing the phaenomena.
I came out my small balcony and found I had it there in front of my house.

Status of the Moon at 18:17 h UTC in EA2:

I find a light red color on it, as predicted.
But I’m afraid my balcony is not a valid SOTA reference yet!! (prominence just 20m above soil level) :weary: Therefore no activation will be conducted…

Take care, VY 73 de Ignacio

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Here it is, rising above Brown Clee Hill (G/WB-002)

Sorry about the washed out moon, I forgot I had the polarizing filter still on the camera, Doh!


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who cares that is smart photo where’s me camera


Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos.

Unfortunately the weather forecast here in the south of Germany turns not out to be true :cry:
It’s rather cloudy here. So the moon doesn’t look very spectacular. Not very motivating for a late night SOTA activation.

73 Stephan, DM1LE

Guys, nice pictures but it’s generally pretty red(ish) when it’s near the horizon, for the same reason the Sun’s pretty red when it’s near the horizon. If you want to see it turn properly red (well more of a dirty brown actually) you’ll have to wait for the eclipse.

Yes, I confirm that.

Don’t worry Stephan you have a friend here so that you can have a “remote eye” to keep track of it now at 19:23h:

I’m afraid the red colour disappear…

Please don’t expect an update at 02:11. as I need a good rest here as well, or my students will take the class tomorrow for laugh.

Good night, 73

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Rising over the tamar river between cornwall and devon


I’ll try and climb out of my pit for it, its a lovely clear night here.

How about watching it while listening to Berg’s opera Wozzeck (or Woyzeck) with the famous line “der Mond ist blutig”!


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Hands up whom was stupid enough to raise from there pit at 2am utc :raising_hand:

Yep I was up, brilliant to watch shame the moon was not a bit closer might got better photo but great to watch. Was awoken by fighting toms prior.

To describe it, it was like being in space ship approaching mars and seeing it for first time coming into view as the bottom part was still lightly lit like its southern polar ice cap.

Interesting experience


Yes, I was up to see the event and it was well worth it. We had a perfectly clear sky here in Tewkesbury.

Ooooh! Were they fighting over a customer, Karl?


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