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Hello all

Have spent the week catching up on activation reports for the blog. Some of the reports date back to February 2013. Have 10 more reports to write up over the coming weeks.

Andrew, VK1NAM

Excellent blog. Some great hospital reading material for me there. Thanks.


In reply to VK1NAM:
Hi Andrew.

Great site and photos! very detailed. I was a chaser on a couple of these activations, so it is good to see where you were when I contacted you. Thanks for the contacts.


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your blog is filling out nicely, Andrew. I always enjoy seeing the photos, the familiar places are like old friends and the new ones are interesting as I hope to see them, probably when wx a bit warmer again. Writing up these stories and even going back to make minor changes can take up a lot of time, but is a good way for newcomers to learn what to do, what to carry, where to go etc.
I also like the way you have explained some of the jargon we use, to help people finding your blog to undertand what is going on and that is a great way to draw extra people into the hobby or to SOTA.
Andrew VK1DA/2uh

Here is my SOTA Blog

Check it out:

73 Erik WX4ET

Hi Erik
interesting to read the activation details and look at your photos. If you have SOTA-related photos on Flickr, you can add them to various SOTA groups. If you have a look at the groups with SOTA in their names, you’ll see the options. I usually add only the ones with antennas, radios and radio-like subjects, otherwise all the scenery would be there too. Adding tags to your Flickr photos does help people find your photos, I try to include my callsign and SOTA as tags. The SOTA Photo Pool group asks for the reference to be included as a tag too. so anyone looking for W7C/AB-001 has a chance of finding it.
Andrew VK1DA