Bletchley park

I was just wondering how many people watched the film Enigma on saturday what i hear you all cry but i for one who has never visited Bletchley park was really impressed to see the work that went on during the world wars to see how the men& women worked via the morse code to trying to break other encrypted codes i know for sure i am going to have to pay a visit to have a look around best 73s Dave M3XIE

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Bletchley is one of my all time favourite museums and is definitely worth
a visit or two, there is so much to see. However bear in mind that the
computing museum part is only open at weekends (or used to be). Also the
diplomatic wireless service hut, which contains much to interest the
radio enthusiast, also has limited opening, if my memory serves me.
I think the Colossus reproduction is demonstrated daily but probably
worth checking in advance if travelling far.



P.S. The nearest SOTA summit is Wendover woods, G/CE-005, I think.

I am not only active SOTA activator and chaser. I built the Enigma-E, the electronic version of the german chipher machine from the WWII:

Enigma Uhr was used with Enigma chipher machine by the Luftwaffe in WW II. UhrBox-E is DIY electronic KIT of the Enigma Uhr:

Here is also the film I made about working Enigma-E:

73, Milos S57D

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Thank you milo’s i will have a look i know we have worked from one of the summitts you use best 73s Dave M3XIE

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I never saw the film, but having been fascinated by spies and code breaking since I was knee high to a grasshopper I have read all the books. It was therefore in my mind a sort of pilgrimage to go to Bletchley Park, so when I went a few weeks back I was sorely disappointed. The place is a mess of thrown together amateurish and repetitive displays of somebodies old junk and a million Airfix model planes. I found the whole experience left me feeling frustrated and angry for what it could have been.

And then there is the Big Green Shed, don’t get me started.

73 Steve GW7AAV