Blackpool Rally 2019

Well according to the NARSA Rally website the ballroom should be back in use this year, so more space… and parking will be free. Maybe things are looking up!

A little surprisingly at this late date the list of traders and floor plan are still marked as “to follow”. Conspiracy theorists interpret that as you will :wink:

If all goes to plan Gerald and I will be there and very much looking forward to meeting a whole bunch* of SOTA folk :smiley:

73 de Paul G4MD

*Anyone got any good ideas for a more suitable collective noun?

There’s no Bring & Buy this year. This is a late change I believe, there was meant to be a B&B stand.

There will be a SOTA stand with some products for sale.

I will be there. Hopefully not alone in the ballroom.

I’ll bring my Taffeta Cocktail Dress (backless with plunging neck line with a hemline just above the knees) and pair of slingback Jimmy Choos and you can Tango me around the floor if there’s nobody else there.

Deal ?

These were published on their Facebook page this morning so will hopefully be on their website very soon.


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From the NARSA FB page…

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So far looking good. Audrey & Rob G4RQJ, Simon G4TJC, Colin M1BUU, Geoff G6MZX and myself will be manning the stand. I have some SOTA hats, baseball caps, flags, stickers, badges for sale, Audrey will have some of her delicious baking.

I normally activate a summit on the way to stay at Geoff’s but the forecast suggests the end of the world is coming so I wont be doing anything on Saturday. I have some alerts in for Monday when the WX forecast is much better though.

Blowing a hoodie here in Blackpool. (Well Thornton Cleveleys to be precise). Forecast to be like this until 2am Sunday, then relatively it doesn’t look too bad for the rally.

If you get the chance, please drop by and see us on the WAB stand. (Right opposite the roller shutter doors).

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Poles packed for the SOTA stand (a free gift from SOTABEAMS). WX horrible here so I packed the car before it gets worse.

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Good to see everyone at the UK’s premier SOTA meet-up! My wife is now the proud owner of a very smart SOTA summer hat. Thanks Andy! Quite jealous actually - they look excellent.


Great to meet the Sota Team today and looking forward to the pictures from resident camera man John. Also to John for the complete of Calf Top whilst I was mobile as a back seat passenger (c/o G8PNN/M) whilst on the M6 southbound.

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Hi to all once again.
I really enjoyed the rally - again it was the people and not the products, though I did get quite a few WAB pens and a cup. I thought the fiver was well worth it even for just the afternoon.

Sad that our good friend Roy could not be there. Poor Roy is not good on mobility these days and has other problems which make it difficult to leave home. However, thanks for Roy’s card which was organised by Andy MM0FMF and which was signed by all the SOTA stand passers by. I took it along today and he really appreciated the fact that so many people cared. Unfortunately I went there this evening and he’s fallen again. Soft landing so no damage done on this occasion thankfully.

Many thanks to NARSA for their hard work and to those who organised and manned the stands (including SOTA and WAB) for us to enjoy and as a centre point to meeting up with our friends. Thanks to Audrey for the cakes too. A tradition that we’d be all the poorer without.

Judging by the names on Roy’s card I missed quite a few by not being there until 1pm. The price of activating in the morning.

Missing their photos being taken this year: Paul G4MD; Gerald G4OIG; Stuart G0MJG; Emily 2E1AEQ; Carolyn G6WRW; Helen M0YHB; Edward 2E0NSR; Mike G4BLH; Adrian G4AZS; Allan GW4VPX and Keith G0OXV.

(If anyone wants to know what they look like, you might find some of the above on last year’s report for G/NP-004 & Blackpool Rally… G4YSS: G/NP-004 & Blackpool Rally, on 10th April 2016)

Setting up on G/NP-022 for two hours in the morning was rewarding with 29 stations in the log. Out of those approx. 20 were either on their way to the rally, about to set off or were already there waiting for the doors to open. There will be a report for NP22 in due course. It was a good choice overlooking the M6 as it does.

While I remember. Thank you for the Beaufighter grid reference Geoff (G6MZX). I hope to look for that.

Camera (a prize from a Christmas cracker?) and photographer not up to much but here’s the few I brought home:

Above: SOTA co-founder Richard G3CWI practicing his sales technique. Too good apparently - he’d sold out of Wolfwaves by noon!

Above: Our SOTA DX expert Mike 2E0YYY still trying to retire from selling batteries but never quite getting there. He must love it. On the cusp of 100 SOTA antipodean S2S’s and 1000 VK contacts! Hope I got that right?

Above: Neil Neil is G0WPO who with Mike, explained the virtues of LifePo batteries to me.

Above: Rob G4RQJ & Audrey having ‘escaped.’

Above: Rob & Audrey ‘recaptured.’ Take care of that eye Rob!

Above: Andy MM0FMF (SOTA Database Mgr.) with the much appreciated card for Roy G4SSH. Simon G4TJC (SOTA MT) seated, supervising the cakes and showing admirable will power.

Above: Sue G1OHH, Mum, Grandma, Great Grandma from Lancaster and a banker on 2m-FM

Above: Geoff GM4WHA (or G4WHA/A from the computer shop) with Sue. A recent move to the Carlisle shop from Penrith has rather cramped Geoff’s reputation for instant response to activators.

Above Group (L to R): Martyn M1MAJ and Caroline M3ZCB (often with an ‘M’ inserted in their callsigns). Eileen G7GQM (available in dire emergencies - the 3 QSO scenario) with John G0TDM (another attentive chaser) and Geoff.

Above: A good one of Martyn and Caroline (M1MAJ & M3ZCB)

Above: New acquaintances to me (though I’ve worked them numerous times) Ken & Christine GM0AXY and GM4YMM, regular SOTA ops from Edinburgh. Great to meet you two at last!

Above: G0EVV - more often /P and using power; having enjoyed a ‘complete’ moment /M on the way to the rally. (NP22)

Above: Geoff G6MZX, Craven Radio Club callsign holder, who (like me) enjoys a spot of WW2 aircraft archeology and Colin M1BUU (ex M0CGH) who (also like me) loves Standard Ten’s.

Above: Dave G3TQQ from Pickering and fellow Scarborough Amateur Radio Society member.

Above: Dave G3TQQ, Nick G4OOE (also ZC4EE) from Scarborough and Dave G3TQQ proving that he can run faster than the speed of light. (Actually Dave’s twin brother Philip.)

Above: Dave G4IAR and Paul M1AIB manning the WAB stand; selling pens, cups and book numbers. Thanks Dave - I will try your suggestion soon ref the OV00 report. Hope I left you with enough pens for the rest of the rally.

Above: Judith G4IAQ (XYL of Dave G4IAR) and an officer in BYLARA. Sorry Judith, this was unfair play. No warning at all! Enjoyed our excellent chat. Sad I missed the party!

Above: BYLARA members Helen M0TMD (SOTA Activator and chaser from Glossop) with Sharon 2E0SHZ, seen after their party. Good party by the look of things!

Above: Helen and (OM) Simon (M0TMD & G4TJC). SOTA activators.

Well, that’s it for another year. Super day out!
73, John
Please report errors. I’ve found loads!


Reporting the errors :smile:

Hi John

Great pics. Sorry I missed you and especially Ken and Christine. We had a long journey South so we left early afternoon just before you arrived. Enjoyed the morning meeting everyone and didn’t spend too much money :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi John,
Thanks for the report, lots of good people I missed seeing!

Alan @GW4VPX - I think John must have substituted the "0"s to signify that he didn’t see us :wink:

I enjoyed the day, and spent very little too :smile:

Adrian G4AZS

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Hi Allan & Adrian,
Errors corrected along with a few others! Hopefully the other ‘victims’ didn’t read this thread yet. Apologies. Seems I demoted you and put Allan in another country - maybe 'cos he didn’t spend much money? Next time I’ll put you in Yorkshire and you won’t need to spend any!

There were a few others I didn’t see. Amongst them Tom, Jack and Barry. The latter two due the distance of course. They can’t be expected to make it every year. It’s bad enough for me at nearly three hours each way.

Sorry we didn’t meet due to the timing. Maybe next time?
73, John


I would have loved a G prefix but alas, being licenced in 1997, I missed the boat by about a year.

Great to catch up John!

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Paul and I can echo the words that Allan wrote. We were certainly sorry to have missed you John… also Ken and Christine and a number of others. It appears that we QSY’d a little too early. :frowning_face:

73, Gerald G4OIG


Another one fixed - thanks Colin. Any more? I hadn’t realised that the M prefix had been going that long.

Yes, pity we didn’t meet up this time but you’ve got a heck of a way to go home Gerald. Ken & Christine were rare special treats!

Yes, many thanks for the write-up and pics John, very sorry we missed you but good to get a glimpse of “the ones that got away!”

Had a great day though, very glad to have met those we did and managed not to buy anything that had to be sneaked into the house whilst the XYL wasn’t looking :wink:

73 de Paul G4MD