Blackpool NARSA Sun 21APR24 - meet up etc.

I’ve done a search and I couldn’t see a similar topic - admin, if there is one please delete and I’ll look harder!

Hope to see a few people at the rally?

I’m only going to be there for a couple of hours. I was aiming for about 12:00 and away for 14:00, but I’ll try to make it work around any planned formal “meet up time” at the SOTA Stand (assuming there is one!).

73 Gerald

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Yes there is a SOTA stand. The SOTA gear that will be on sale arrived last week. I don’t know where in the halls we will be but we will be next door to my club’s stand Lothians Radio Society (that makes life easier for me!)

Myself, John G3WGV & Tom M1EYP will be on the stand and if anyone want to volunteer to help with the stand, drop me a PM.


Looking at the current layout, the sota stand is in the same place as last year (unless theyve not updated the floor plan). Its just by the middle entrance door tonthe main hall.


I plan to be there from abt. 1200.

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The floor plan on the NARSA website is that of last year. It does say that the new one will be uploaded a month or so before the rally, but it would appear that it hasn’t been yet.

WAB for a good few years, (interrupted only by the pandemic and open heart surgery), has held a fish and chip supper for those arriving the previous day. It is open to all and a few well known SOTA faces have indicated attendence.

Just pop along to the Bispham Kitchen on Redbank Road at 6pm on Saturday 20th. A QSY to the Bishpham Hotel just down the road for a natter follows. This is a quiet pub with no loud background music, indeed no music at all.



Apologies from Paul G4MD and myself. Paul is unable to attend for personal reasons and I’m up north in Scotland at the weekend. Regards to all those we know that we will miss. :grinning: