Blackcombe G/LD-030 activated on 13cm's

As the weather was looking to be good today I thought I would try out 13cm’s from my local one, seeing in the activity session on Tuesday I only worked three station from home, I needed a “fix”
She was wearing her hat when I got up, but while driving to site the clouds lifted. During the test’s the mist came and went, but it was quite pleasant in the sunshine.

As I switched on I could hear GW0MDQ calling on CW, I called back on SSB and we worked each other. Followed by Andy GD1MIP and then Andrew G4VFL/P on a hump.
I ended up working six stations on 13cm’s, not bad for a weekday morning. There were a couple of contacts that didn’t work out, but hopefully I can try again as it was such a success.
I was hoping for three contact’s, so to qualify and and more was a real bonus. One visitor asked if it was a SOTA activation, that was a first, apparently he is a SWL from Whitehaven.

Nick G0HIK