Black Hill SP002

Hi All

I am briefly heading down south and fancied the idea of a swiftish activation of Black hill. Any thoughts on how bad (or otherwise) the path is from Holme Moss would be appreciated. Also recommendations of a good Real Ale pub locally would be fantastic!! I have fond(ish) memories of this from the Masters Hike a few years ago.



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I’ve only ever done it from Holme Moss once. It was very boggy. Try to follow the fence apart from where it dips down about 6 feet. If you go down this dip you are likely to find yourself up to your knees in the smelly black stuff - I believe James M0ZZO tried this :-).
Sorry don’t know the ale houses in that area.
Roger G4OWG

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Hi Steve - I`ve only ever done SP-002 from the Holmes Moss direction. As Roger rightly says it is normally quite boggy, however you can miss most of the wet stuff by walking 10 -15m to the right of the track. From this direction you are restricted to pubs in Holmfirth (Farmers Arms, Rose & Crown etc) or even South Huddersfield (Rat & Ratchet)
I believe you can approach from the A635 to the North along the Penine Way which is now paved with flagstones. This route offers pubs in the area of Saddleworth, Greenfield, Uppermill etc offering real ale from the Saddleworth, Greenfield & Millstone breweries.
73 Steve G1INK.

There is a lay-by on the A635 at Wessenden Head SE075072. The Pennine Way from there to the summit is mostly a good path, much of it flagged, on which rapid progress can be made.

I’ve never done the Holme Moss route, but thinking of trying it this winter while the ground is frozen. I haven’t done SP-002 yet in 2007.

73, Tom M1EYP

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Hi Roger

My route was actually the old Pennine way which does not exist any more. Several times I found myself up to my neck in black stuff. Next time I will take Tom’s suggested route along the slabs.


James M0ZZO

Indeed. My first walk-in to Black Hill summit (Soldier’s Lump) was along the old Pennine Way from the North-West. It’s a shocker! Don’t!

The best route I ever took was on the Pennine Way in 2006, when I walked up from Crowden with M3EYP and G0MJG. A lot longer, but a great walk.