Black Hill G/SP-002

A lovely sunny day on the Derbyshire / Yorkshire border above the fog in the valley below.

[Black Hill 2015][1]

A bit warmer this time, but I still need some snow shoes.

Thanks everybody,

Simon, G4TJC
[1]: G4TJC: Black Hill 2015


My wife Helen has been busy again making my raw footage into a video which I hope you will enjoy. She’s gone all Celtic with the musical composition this time (so I must do a nice Welsh mountain for her to use it with!).

I have updated the report on my blog.

You’ll also find new reports there from recent activations of Tal y Fan and Boulsworth Hill.

73, Simon, G4TJC


The only thing that puts me off Black Hill is that suicide blind T Junction where the Holmes Moss road joins the Woodhead road. 11/10 for scariness.

Emerging onto the Woodhead road from Glossop is almost as bad. There are often flowers left at one or both of those junctions.

I have to agree with that, Steve.

It’s lovely to go up the Holme Moss road but I happily detour 10 miles or so to avoid coming down it.
If you’re heading East, go down to Holmfirth & then back onto the Woodhead.
If you’re going West, head over to the Huntsman Inn & along the Isle of Skye road.

If you’re going South…you’ll have to take your life in your hands.

I used 10GHz WBFM from Black Hill many years ago during the summer. Getting there with all the heavy kit through the bogs was a bit of an effort.