Black Hill G/SP-002 from the Holme Moss mast?

Have many people climbed this summit from the East (parking at the Holme Moss mast)?

Just wondering how boggy this access would be?

Last time I parked at Wessenden Head & followed the path which (based on past activation reports) seems to be where the majority of activators park.

Looking at the map, there is very little difference in distance but the Holme Moss mast is a much higher starting point (& therefore a flatter route), which might be easier.

Is the Holme Moss mast a better starting point or is that going to be a boggy nightmare that I will regret?


I walked up from the Holm Moss transmitter site 3 months ago.
Although there are a few gloopy bits these are easy avoided.
Follow the obvious path from the car park and then the plateau edge to the stream gully which leads directly to the Trig.
Obviously there is a lot of RF on the summit but I had no problems with IC 92D and ft857.

Regards and enjoy


Awesome, thanks.

Last time I activated it I used an Icom 703 for HF & didn’t notice any problems.

I also have an IC 92D & only managed 1 contact on 2m FM from the summit. I’m not sure if this was due to RF from the mast desensing the receiver or the fact that I was only using the stock antenna.

Map and compass strongly recommended going from Holme Moss side, the path can disappear quite rapidly, especially if the weather turns! The path down to the “isle of skye” road is the better path in inclement weather! Black hill is on my hit list, and i do want to get to it ASAP!



Not sure when/if you plan to activate G/SP-002 but I believe that there has been recent road closures in the area due to landslides.

73 Chris M0RSF

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TBC but probably somewhere around 21st/22nd March. Planning a mini 2-3 day SOTA tour as I want to go back to Shining Tor, Gun & maybe Cloud.

We went from Holme Moss last weekend. It was very squishy - worse than usual. Under normal conditions the Pennine Way route is about the same time but at the moment from the mast will be slower and more effort for certain. Be sure to wear gaiters!

The road closure of note is Snake Pass, A57. It won’t be open again for months.


I would second that.
The only time I have visited Holme Moss we walked up to the compound and could just see the base of the mast. We did not walk further in those conditions but drove on to drop down through the fog and enjoy the day in Halifax.
Take care. 73,

I have always walked this along the Pennine Way route from the A635 Wessenden Head.
This does involve crossing Dean Clough, which I am not so happy about on the return journey in the dark.
What is the path like from the car park further west along the A635
From the OS map it looks an easier walk, but what is it like underfoot.?


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Wet and trackless when I activated the summit in 2019. I returned on the slabs even if it left me with a road walk back to the car park.

I failed to activate the summit on 4m everyone could hear me but I couldn’t hear them. I will return sometime with the 4m bandpass filter, it’s not the first time I have had a problem when close to a big TV transmitter.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL


Last weekend with G4TJC - without gaiters! :wink:


Point taken!