Black Hill G/SP-002 6/1/08

I had intended going further North today, but a later than planned start saw me alerting for Black Hill G/SP-002 a mere 23 miles from Buxton. I arrived at the Holme Moss car park on time and noticed a car with an antenna. Closer inspection revealed a SOTA window sticker. I had no idea who it was at this stage as nobody else had alerted for the hill last time I checked.
The track to the summit was its usual boggy self, a close second to White Hill in terms of bogginess. Not far from the summit I came accross the occupants of the other car, 2E0KPO & G0AOD. After a good chin wag I carried on to the trig point to get a photo, then headed South about 500m to operate out of the way of the many hikers that were about.
A good run on 40m ssb was followed by sessions on 60m & 80m. A total of 61 contacts were made. I did notice the spot from Luc ON6DSL about not being able to tx above 7.100Mhz. I do appologize as I didnt realise this was the case. At the end of my activation, I returned to 40m and called for a long time on 7.098Mhz without reply. I had no mobile phone coverage, so I couldnt “phone a friend” for a spot.
Thanks to GM0PKX, GM7NQP and MM0FMF for the summit - summit contacts.
I have put a short video on You Tube but appologise for the wind noise on the cheap video cameras microphone. Also a pic on flikr of the Soldiers Lump (trig point) no pics of views because there are none from this summit. Many thanks to all who called & the spots on SOTA watch.

73s Steve G1INK.

In reply to G1INK:

good to meet you steve, you had more contacts than we did but we spent more time on sp-001 later when the wx had improved.

73 dave