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Black Forest-Tour at weekend


Hi all,
at the weekend from tmrw till sunday i´m on a trekking tour in the black-forest.Primary for trekking/walking and running :wink: But i have my sota-rucksac in the car,and possible on or two summits per day i will activate.All summits are around DM/BW001 . I set no alerts in sotawatch,because i wan´t to be free in time and activate or not after a longer walk-trip.but this morning maybe qrv from DM/bw-014 for the beginning,hi.All activations i will spotlite a hour or so before…every time i will beginn on 30m-cw,then 40m-cw , 40m-ssb , 3,5-cw …and maybe the end 14.060-cw or a last few calls on 7030…hope wx is ok at weekend :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


Black-Forest tour is canceld .
i don´t like snow any more the next months,hi. snow is also bad for walking/jogging :wink:
for all who wonder about my bad cw this morning on dm/bw-014 ( the dah,dah,dah,…without dits ) , a solderpoint from the connector of my paddle was broken,and so i must hold the open wire to the contact-pin of my paddle.and the pins are only a few milimeters away from each other. not easy to operate under such conditions.now i will look for one or two summits in the swabian-alps . will activate them tomorrow.hope without snow and a working morse-paddle :wink: qrv tmrw with symetric feeded dipol 2 x 7m or 40m-longwire with groundradials,due to the conditions on the summits.so if qrv on 80m or not depends on the antenna i choose.also on sunday and monday possible sota.then from the rest of the week till weekend some more activations…and after next weekend i plan a little sota-break.needs time for checking the equipment/antennas for HB0,finish my new sota-rig,organize a homebrew/qrp-meeting in south-DL and writing qsl-cards,hi.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


Hi all,
today i was on DM/BW-148 and DM/BW-068.Nothing to say about the propagation in the moment.Only vy bad in S-DL.Today i building bigger antennas due to the conditions , but on both summits only a few qso´s . On DM/BW-148 “Gräbelesberg” i logged 22 QSO´s and on BW-68 “Heimberg” only 17 QSO´s . Only a few stronger stations heard.On the first summit 30m was the best band,but on the second summit 30m was also down.Stations who comes normaly with s9++ , are today only from 559 to 599/qsb.Only one qso per summit on ssb.GW0VMZ catched me on both´s .And GM4FAM works me on BW-68 on all 4 band´s ! Seems we had a link,hi. Maybe tmrw i plan to activate “Weichenwang” DM/BW-052. If tmrw the same conditions,i make my sota-break a little bit earlier and come back by better hf-props.But the good thing…today i had ufb-wx and made a few photos for flick´r :wink:

Date:06/Apr/2007 Summit:DM/BW-148 (Gräbelesberg) Call Used:DF2GN/P
Time Call Band Mode Notes
09:18z G4SSH 10MHz CW
09:19z GM4FAM 10MHz CW
09:20z HA5TI 10MHz CW
09:21z DJ5AV 10MHz CW
09:22z 2E0OOO 10MHz CW
09:23z GW0DSP 10MHz CW
09:24z MW0YDX 10MHz CW
09:31z DL7VKD 7MHz CW
09:32z DF7TT 7MHz CW
09:34z PA3CWG 7MHz CW
09:35z DL6UJM 7MHz CW
09:35z DL6KVA 7MHz CW
09:41z G0VYR 7MHz CW
09:42z DL2DXA 7MHz CW
09:44z OM7TJ 7MHz CW
09:45z DL7UJM 7MHz CW
09:46z EI7CC 7MHz CW
09:47z G3OKA 7MHz CW
09:48z G4DDL 7MHz CW
09:51z GW0VMZ 7MHz SSB
10:01z HB9AAQ 3.5MHz CW
10:02z DL1FU 3.5MHz CW

Date:06/Apr/2007 Summit:DM/BW-068 (Heimberg) Call Used:DF2GN/P
Time Call Band Mode Notes
11:13z G4SSH 10MHz CW
11:15z 2E0OOO 10MHz CW
11:16z EI2CL 10MHz CW
11:19z EI7CC 10MHz CW
11:20z GM4FAM 10MHz CW
11:22z GM4FAM 7MHz CW
11:22z OK1HCG 7MHz CW
11:23z DL6KVA 7MHz CW
11:23z GW0DSP 7MHz CW
11:26z GW0VMZ 7MHz SSB
11:29z G0VYR 7MHz CW
11:32z DL7RAG 3.5MHz CW
11:32z GM4FAM 3.5MHz CW
11:33z DL1FU 3.5MHz CW
11:34z HB9AAQ 3.5MHz CW
11:40z DJ5AV 14MHz CW
11:40z GM4FAM 14MHz CW

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN