Black Day for Sota

It is with the deepest regret that I have to inform you that as of from approximately 02:00 this morning Mick 2E0HJD ceased to be an active participant of Sota.


Sorry to hear about that.

Mick spiced discussions and topics up a bit.


Mick, you should still be able to read this. If so and putting aside all opinions one way or the other, I hope that in the fullness of time that a ‘way back’ can be found and things will be resolved to the satisfaction of ALL parties. Meanwhile and despite all that has occurred, please do continue to give me a call on 80m SSB (SOTA or if you prefer, just to say hello for QSO No 72) the next time I’m out activating. I will be ‘listening out’ for you.

73, John G4YSS.

In reply to G4YSS:

That goes for me as well Mick, I could always rely on you for a contact when I was out anywhere.

Keith G8HXE.

In reply to ON3WAB:

Yes he certainly did Peter, and he has a great sense of HUMOUR!
lets hope there’s a way round this situation.


In reply to GW0DSP:
Cant believe that Mick has gone, it seems like madness to me.
I hope there is some way he can come back, i see a lot being said about free speech. I have never found any of Mick’s emails offensive,he is not afraid
to speak his mind and a lot of his points are valid.
Bill G4KKI

What a crazy situation, Mick is the salt of the earth and adds much common sense to the debates on here.

As Children did all us sensible grown up adults never hear the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me”

SOTA has always been a participation aspect to the hobby and Mick has always been a valued and avid participant.

I havent been active from summits or chasing for a while but that is for my own health reasons… Mick is you are still reading this forum, call me anytime you hear me.


Mick, I echo what John YSS and the others have said. I will still be looking out for a contact with you from the summits and I hope to plan in a visit to see you when I’m up your way later in the year.

Hope you are back with us very soon.

73, Gerald

In reply to M0LKB:

He is the first person to win the new sota award…The Scapegoat!!

I’ve also had many good qso’s with Mick, When he has been chasing, But i’ve also had many good times walking up summits, We where once out every other weekend, doing one or two summits, Even Bobbie M3DNC is up set that you won’t be on the SOTA program, But she also says please Uncle Mick please speak to me and my dad when we are out and about, I’ve had many a good times out doing geocaching with him aswell, but most of all I wonder will we still be invited round for Mince ‘n’ Chips, After our walks. Cheer up mike its not the end of the world you could take up knitting (hi hi).
until our next qso or qso’s.

73 Steve m0sgb

Hi Mick, - if you get chance to read this! - for me SOTA cannot now be the same. I hope things are reversed, the censorship removed and you are invited back in to the fold. Whilst you are not, it casts a lot of doubt over the SOTA community spirit. We will speak soon.
PS. That’ll teach you to pay out a compliment! :slight_smile:

In reply to GW0DSP:
Some of you may or may not be aware but Mick (HJD) and I, live not 200 yds apart and were both early adopters of SOTA and became prolific chasers/activators in the beginning, but we too fell foul of the MT back then through no fault of our own due to great misunderstandings and misreadings of the dreaded forum post, and to this day I know there are grudges harboured in certain camps towards Mick and I. So we developed to allow a free speech platform for all concerned in SOTA, the board is temporarily suspended as the NEW reflector was coming online and tied in the spots so it was easy and convenient, plus I was busy at work and had less and less time to run it, but given that there was little or no moderation we found it amazing that there were no derogitory posts aimed at each other, there were no overactive agressive posts, there were no insults or flame wars, just good honest banter and general chat about SOTA, as to be expected from good mannered grown ups with a common talking point/hobby. We had close to 700 members on the forum and it was a great place to hang out, ok the nucleus of postings came from a core of about 60 members but we needed no moderation and the behaviour was indeed spot on.
The MT have always treated certain members with disdain, giving little or no respect or credence to anything they did or said, and the fact that any kind of confrontation was met with a huddled silence only fuelled the frustrations of many members of the SOTA scheme. John (WGV) Richard (CWI) Tom (EYP) you have created a great aspect to the hobby with SOTA and there are and will be, many many members of the scheme who are saddened to see Mick HJD leave the scheme, for the good of SOTA and the welfare of a core of prolific activators and chasers who are central to the very continuation of SOTA as we know it, please at least acknowledge or comment on this terrible scenario and see if a resolution can be reached, your comments and or opinions on this subject are important and valid and will possibly help to establish a route for the return of Mick 2E0HJD into the SOTA scheme. This is not a call for a public comment on here !!! but off reflector via email, phone, in person, whichever it is pull your thumbs out and try and sort this mess out.

Thanks in advance MT

PS, Oi Mick if you can read this… chin up there’s loadsa folk behind ya on this !!

Well what a SHOCK!

If ppl did not know Mick has been a great help to 100s of SOTA activators myself included. I am not sure what has gone on but I personaly dont realy care. He done me good so I hope you find it in your hearts to get mick back.
I upset Mick last week but he has been in contact and we worked it out so I hope SOTA can do the same. We only live once and Life is to short to fall out. Get it together Guys and Girls get Mick back. Mick if you looking at this, join in on the net i am starting to run on a sunday night 2m FM between 8pm and 10pm last week it lasted till after 11pm. i am up high so loads can join.

Bring Mick back…

In reply to GW0DSP:
Hi Mick
I really hope you get things sorted out, over the years you have been one of the most regular chasers and I always enjoy our chats.
I hope your still going to Scotland; you can always do a bit of fishing with Mike or still enjoy the hills.

Speak to you very soon

Clive M1YAM