When editing profile information the field for birthyear shows the comment not visible to the public…I just realised that this means birthyear is visible to forum users and that public is defined as everyone else.

I had, rather dimly, assumed that birthyear was kept entirely private.

Just thought I would mention this in case others were as dim as me, and may wish to remove their birthyear from view completely by blanking this field.

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Interesting observation. As I have admin status and could see it despite the message made me think it was because I had admin status and wasn’t visible to others. I really should use my ordinary user account more to see how things look without special privileges, probably could be enlightening.

I’m just going to put 1800 in as mine.

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I see no reason to be coy about my date of birth. It was JD24300**!

I really don’t think giving your birthdate out in a public forum is wise Brian. Security and hackers and all that. Or to put it another way, I wouldn’t.

Is that measured in Jack Daniels Brian? (Other units of time are available)

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Star Date 41153.7 :slight_smile:

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No, decent single malts!

Of course JD gives an ambiguous calendar date, but over the years in less security conscious times my birthday has appeared in print several times that I can remember so it would not be impossible to track down. To ease Andy’s worries I am starring part of it.

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I was born after 1951 and before 1953