Birthday Present

What do you give someone for their birthday? SOTA QSOs of course!

Paul G4MD and I usually go out activating around the end of February as a sort of joint birthday present to ourselves (well that’s our excuse). This year our February activation was early due to other commitments at this end of the month, so Paul had the idea of going out on his actual birthday (today) to give me a contact with each of the two Welsh Borders summits that I needed to chase for my Completes. I was leading the church walking group this morning, but had a relatively free afternoon, so Paul timed his activations of Garway Hill G/WB-013 and High Vinnalls G/WB-012 to suit.

Having been alerted by a text to say that the outing was on, we had a scratchy contact on 5MHz when he was on Garway Hill. Moving to 7MHz produced 59 signals both ways. Paul then had an hour or so of driving to get to High Vinnalls. Thankfully 7MHz held up and we exchanged 59 reports to complete the WB’s for me.

So a big thank you Paul.for a great present. I’m sure that you enjoyed your day out. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

P.S. For those wondering about Paul spoiling his 100% Uniques copy book, he did use his alternative callsign. :wink:


Yes, had me puzzled for a few minutes, familiar voice, unfamiliar callsign!

Happy Birthday, Paul!


Always a problem knowing what to give the person who has already got (almost) everything!

Had a brilliant day out. Apologies to all for the lack of alerts, but I picked up the summits as part of a road trip with my XYL and the times or even if we’d actually make it to what summits was very far from certain till we actually got there! Many thanks to everyone I contacted and to Barry MW0IML/P for the only S2S of the outing.

73 de Paul G4MD (aka G6GGP!)

Thanks Brian :smile:

Sorry about the confusion. Set to become much more prevalent as “training” expeditions for the GM uniques become more of a feature in our itinerary!

73 de Paul G4MD

Hi Gerald,

Congratulations on chasing the the final two G/WB summits you needed & well done Paul for activating them for you, a proper team effort.Does this complete G for you activating & chasing?

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Hi Mark,

No, still plenty to go, especially the Lakes as I highlighted in a recent thread. I suppose my next target is to complete G/SP. Anyone fancy a walk up Ward’s Stone? :wink:

or Periton Hill?

73, Gerald G4OIG

I’ve chased SP-003 eight times and SC-006 four times. I’ll swap you one of each for an SE-010! :smile:


Isn’t it frustrating when you only have a had full of summits to chase? I have only 2 G summits left to chase.

LD is my target area to activate this year Gerald, I wonder should I do them with a 2m hand held? :wink: or would that put me on the bad girl list?


Most guys like bad girls!

Are any of your “wants” in LD, Carolyn? I’m in Patterdale with the climbing club in two weeks time and then three nights in Cockermouth for a look at the NW fells, anything in those areas I may be able to oblige with.


Hi Brian

The LD I would like is Kirk Fell (G/LD-014) not the easiest to activate so would not be disappointed if you decline smile I can be patient.

The other summit is Yarlside (G/NP-019) then all I have to do is complete them.


Oh yes, I know my way up Kirk Fell, but its rather a long way from the Cockermouth area so I probably won’t be doing it this trip. I’ve only chased it three times myself, I guess its a long walk from the Ennerdale side, I would rather do it from Wasdale and have the Hotel to nip into on the way down! If the weather is favourable I hope to do Binsey and Watch Hill, which I have never been up (not much rock climbing in the NW fells so no meets closer than Newlands!) and Lords Seat. On the other hand, I’ve been saving Skiddaw for my old age…!


Certainly not Carolyn, though Brian is entirely correct of course. :wink: No doubt you will be up in the Lakes when I am out of the country or away from home without a radio - seems to be the way it is. Often I scroll down the spots list after a few days away to find the summits I am after have been activated in my absence. C’est la vie.


Now that’s got me digging out “Since you’ve been gone” by Rainbow simply for the “B” side :wink:

I’ve been tempted to have a go at Ward’s Stone for quite a while but there really isn’t anywhere I would feel comfortable parking my bike for the length of time it would take me to get up & down again. With my level of fitness, looking at the options, I think I’d actually prefer the long walk in from Jubilee tower rather than the steeper ascent from Tarnbrook.

I can live in hope…Maybe I’ll do it one day.

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Hi Mark,

When Gerald and I did Ward’s Stone (together with White Hill on probably the most awful day of our joint SOTA career!) we started at Tarnbrook but on consideration of a second ascent I’m thinking the increased elevation of the Jubilee Tower start will win the day.

Not sure when (if ever) I’ll get the Royal Assent for an outing to put it on (assuming Gerald doesn’t chase it in the meantime) but when I do you’re very welcome to join me!

Carolyn, would love to get back to Kirk Fell too - I have magical memories of the view down Ennerdale towards Black Sail as we headed back to Honister. One day perhaps! I’ll keep you posted…

(Can’t believe I’m writing this… seeing as my dedication to uniques was based on the joy of knowing I never need return to the sites of my suffering…)

73 de Paul G4MD

Must be something about Ward’s Stone. I did it in truly horrid weather. Strangely it was a day to meet someone who Sue and I were about to do a trek with in Nepal. We met on the side of the road an trudged up and down this as it was the best “in the middle” hill between our homes.

Awful day… fortunately the trek a month or so later was vastly better.

I must go back to Ward’s Stone on a nice day. I’ll let you know Gerald, if you are still looking for it!

Hi All,

It is perhaps ironic that I used to live in Lancaster (1973 - 1975) and used to drive up to Jubilee Tower with my Pye Vanguard in the car and do a bit of 2m AM DXing. I can’'t recall exactly why we started from Tarnbrook for Ward’s Stone, but it was quite a pleasant start - I can see the parking spot in my mind as I write… however, it wasn’t that long before things went downhill in terms of the weather. White Hill must be Paul’s bête noire - I am surprising you mentioned it mate!

I recall that my FT-817 was in for repair on that outing, so I hauled my old Trio TR-7010 up those two hills. Unfortunately it has a modified low gain low noise front end for use behind a masthead preamp (set up for the old meteor scatter days), so it wasn’t that sensitive a receiver, but it did the job. Can’t say I am that keen to get back up Ward’s Stone or White Hill, but I do have a few in mind not that far away to air the Class B call.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Will you take that out if we have another “vintage electric handbag event” ? And yes, I know that means me arranging the event to coincide with one of your jaunts.

Probably not Andy, I think I’d take the TS-130V, but that would mean a trip up to GM as I don’t use my “B” call on HF, in fact it rarely gets heard below 432MHz. Of course I could always hoist the 130V up a HuMP… that is if you’d countenance an S2H in your log. :wink:

Hi Andy, Gerald [quote=“MM0FMF, post:18, topic:10325”]
that means me arranging the event to coincide with one of your jaunts.

Planning to be up near Perth first week in June :smiley:

That could be an interesting turning of tables! I’ll take my FT-290 and do 2m while Gerald takes HF :wink:

I might struggle to get an R5 report from 'RQL with the 2.5W though…

73 de Paul G4MD

Hi Paul,

I’m still gobsmacked at the offer of a joint activation of Wards Stone.

Long walk in from Jubilee tower, & I can do HF CW if Gerald still need’s SP3?

Yes please :smile:

Mark G0VOF