Billinge Hill - SP017 - enquiry

Has any body been up this one lately. Have read reports and are either unhelpful or confusing. Can any one help as to which way is the best way up and where to park, and how easy is it to activate.


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Hi, Amanda.

There’s a layby at SD520016. You’re already in the AZ at this point. I walked down the footpath that heads SE from just below the layby, tied the mast to the fence and operated from here.

The footpath isn’t very wide and the path is well-used so guys aren’t really an option.

This location has the advantage that you can see the car from your operating position although bizarrely you are actually below it by a few feet. It’s a bit screened to the NE as you’re below the summit but you are well in the AZ. Good takeoff to the south.

73, Richard

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A very easy hill but not on my list of favorites. Slightly better now the landfill site has closed. Wigan / St Helens / Bolton etc are all line of sight, so qualifying should pose no problem. Much better is its near neighbour Winter Hill G/SP-010. Some info on - - burtonarc Resources and Information.

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hi Amanda,
Its Lee here M0LMP, thanks for the chat/qso we had whilst I was in your neck of the woods couple of weeks ago, our trip to the festival at Eskdale was a great success, and I appreciate the help you gave us with directions on the way up thru’ millom road works.

When you are down here give us a shout and hopefully I can reciprocate the help/qso, come and 'ave a brew !!


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Hi Lee.
I’m travelling down to Stoke after 12pm tomorro, to deliver a few items to my mum and we’re hoping to do the above hill sometime on the return leg as it’s just off the M6. Are you listed on


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Turn left just before the top of the hill some type of waterworks on the left.road is a dead end just before the end turn right and park 5 mins walk to trig point and good fence to tie the sota beam to.Very easy and good take off All the Best Geoff

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Hi Geoff

The waterworks is a Methane Recovery Plant - the quarry used to be a land fill site.

Roger G4OWG

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Thanks for clearing that one up I ought to pay more attension next time.all the best Geoff.