Big signals from NE1SJ on W1/CR-015

Big signals from US sota’s last night…Big signal from NE1SJ on SOTA W1/CR-015 - YouTube
also NE1SJ 14mhz SOTA - YouTube

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Yes he was an easy contact, 579 with me in burton on trent.
73 mike g0hio

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The propagation gods were doing well yesterday. I had a couple of 57, 58 contacts with G1INK and G0PEB. They were just pounding in. I was wishing I was activating a summit. Hopefully this Saturday will be just as good. I’m hoping to activate a summit then.

Andrew - K1YMI / GM1YMI

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Had a good time on Winter Hill yesterday with both 20m & 10m in good shape. Managed to get a couple of NA chasers in the log on 20m. Although there were lots of VE/W signals on 10m I couldnt break any of the pileups. I did however manage an "exotic" on 10m in the form of ST26ASC Sudan & a couple of ZSs (pity they weren`t on summits).

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But bear in mind this weekend is CQWW SSB. You might be a bit hard going on SSB (apart from 17m and 12m) and I guess 40m CW will be out most of the time.

I listened too late for the USA SOTA activity on 20, but earlier worked N2KW on 10m from home, my first QRP W on that band since 2004. Yes things do seem to be picking up.

73 Dave G3YMC

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I too had a great time yesterday activating G/SE-008 St Boniface Down on the Isle of Wight, conditions on 20 and 17m Bands were quite good. Managed 76 contacts, including 2 SOTA enthusiasts from the US, K1YMI and N7UN, and 1 S2S with Steve G1INK/P on SP-10.

73 Robert G0PEB

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Yes, I also had the joy of working both NE1SJ from W1/CR-015 and W2VV/p from W2/NJ-012 yesterday evening. Both of them were 559 sometimes 569. Unfortunately a PA3 station kept jamming the frequency calling CQ, later calling me for a local QSO… :frowning:
Yes, at last the propagation is improving; I listened the solid signals of PJ6A, PJ4W, PJ7E, 5V7TT, and other DX stations for hours (and of course worked them as well) on 28 MHz at 19th. They were often up to S6-S7 at my S meter without any preamp turned on, just using my A4S yagi.

73: Joska, HA5CW