Big Mount Sicker VE7/CV-024

Earlier this year I activated Mt Prevost (VE7/CV-023) and this summit is along the same range and very close.

For some fun check out this video which shows a dramatic Sasquach sighting on this mountain: Squatch Stories: Mt. Sicker Sasquatch - YouTube

My non-ham friend and I arrived at the logging road about 330pm and started the hike up. For most of the year the gate is open and you can almost drive to the summit of Big Sicker Mountain and Mt Prevost but is closed this time of year due to forest fire risk.

Since the hike was up logging roads it wasn’t too steep for most of it. A nice gradual incline. Most of it was in the shade as well which kept us slightly cooler however I’m glad I brought lots of water.

Closer to the summit you veer up “BC TEL ROAD” which takes you to the summit. From here there wasn’t any shade and the incline increased so this was the toughest part of the climb but overall not too bad.

Arrived at the summit around 515pm so a good 1hr 45m up to the top.

At the summit there is a communications tower which I believe hosts a local 2m repeater. Found a nice little spot that was a bit away from the tower that was great for setting up.

I tried 2M FM on my Baofeng but nothing. I kind of heard someone talking but not to me. I have not had any luck at all with the Baofeng and know I need a new HT. I also have a 2m yagi on its way.

Setup for 20m SSB and I knew my buddy Simon VA7BIX was doing a POTA activation at Uplands Park in Victora and I was able to hear him loud and clear. Was able to have a quick QSO with him as my first contact which was great. We’ve had a few QSOs in the past on 20m but it’s always been a struggle to hear each other. This time it was loud and clear.

Setup on 14.320, spotted myself and had people coming in almost right away. 12 contacts in all. It was very hot and we were starting to get attaced by bugs up there so it was time to go. Apologies to any chasers who were still trying to contact me after I signed off but it was just too hot to be exposed in the sun any longer.

Hike down took about 1.5 hours. Total round trip was about 4 hours. Great afternoon out.


Great Trip Report. We VE7s have to work a lot of vertical for our points.


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