Big Bald Activation Report

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In reply to KK4NQQ:
Hello John how’s it going.
I saw your photos on your BlogSpot and I was wondering if your feed line on that antenna is a specific length. I have the measurement of your wire, I went down the link dipole path but as you know you can never have enough antennas to try out, I got many of differing performance.
73 de Ian vk5cz …

In reply to VK5CZ:
I actually didn’t make it a specific length. I wanted it to descend the 31 ft Fiberglass pole with a few feet to spare. I am guessing it is a little shorter than 40 ft. I will have to measure it.

In reply to KK4NQQ:
That’s cool mate I just wondered thanks for the reply.
I have to source some of that type of ribbon also
have fun. I will be out on a Summit my Sunday around 0000 UTC if you are about watch for my Alert. 73 de Ian vk5cz…

In reply to KK4NQQ:

Hello John, thanks for the link and activation.

Really surprised to hear you louder on 17 than 20. Thanks for hearing me 8)

Best wishes and hope to hear you again soon.

Mike G6TUH