big 1296 PCB antenna

I’ve used my 1296 cheap Yagi a few times and it works nicely for SOTA. (I also go to to measure it one time, so I know how well it works. :slight_smile: )

IIRC I’ve seen folks use Kent’s 3 el PCB yagi.

During a zoom meeting, he showed off an 11 element PCB yagi for 1296. Wow. :slight_smile: If he sold it, given the square inches (or square mm) and perhaps elevated shipping cost, it wouldn’t be as attractive on price. So, I can’t fault him for not adding that to his store. (How much would he have to sell it for? Is the cheap yagi a better option? Which one would be easier to pack for SOTA? To hold/point/setup on something? Is the gain difference between 3 and 11 elements enough to bother?)

Fun stuff.


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Well the 3 element PCB yagi is very small and I can always carry it.

Compared to the duckie on my Alinco HT it is a HUGE improvement. More elements are always better but it is a lot bigger/longer…so i would have both it they were available and fit in my backpack…the long one for special summits/occasions.


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I chatted with Kent about longer PCB antennas in April 2022 and he said he had developed a few for various bands. I think 11 elements would sell well in the SOTA community, although as you say, pricing and shipping to a worldwide customer base could be a problem.
11 elements is not to large that it would not fit inside or on the outside of most rucksacks. Perhaps protected in a PVC tube?
I usually take a standard 28 element yagi to the easier summits.


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Maybe if he got enough requests to offer the 11 element version he would?