Bicycle mobile valid?

I finally got my Brompton out of the basement. With the many activations in the past few years, I have not been able to cycle anymore, and completely forgot that I can also be qrv by bicycle.

Set up and immediately hear a flora fauna from SP and many Sota chasers, including Markus, in3adf and Manuel, ea2dt :-).

And after a long call, it works for me too.

Is it actually valid to activate Sota by bike?

And was heard by Robert, HB9OME on his summit. S2S on 40m would be possible with my 2m long whip.

73 Chris


No problem activating from a bike. Quite a few people have done it.


Fine wx marked a slight easing of lockdown in England so I cycled to my local hill, G/CE-002, from Wolverhampton. The route is mainly on road, hence the use of a road bike and not an MTB. The AZ is large so no problem with social distancing. Dipole made from cable conduit, old tent poles & coax and Wouxun 2m handie (with a Yaesu 2m handie in reserve) easily carried in rucksack. 14 contacts were made quickly on 2m FM. Reduced traffic haze gave enhanced views out to the Malverns and Cotswolds. Unfortunately, the pubs are still locked down so post ride drink deferred to the back garden at home. A great afternoon out.

Alastair Hopkins, M0TYM


Yes, an ideal summit - that transverse fence is an ideal “enforcer”! Anyone approaching would have to be making a very conscious effort to do so. Not sure how much longer it’ll last though - it’s getting decidedly ricketty :open_mouth:

Sorry I missed you if I’d noticed you were up there I’d have given you a shout.

73 de Paul G4MD