Better CQ WW DX ! (?)

Opinion to the leaders of CQ: what I hear at present on 40m CW SOTA should frighten you! You go be dethroned!
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Good day for the true lovers of the mountain !
73, Andy F5AKL

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Bonjour André le week end ressemble de plus en plus a un contest permanent! hi hi!
de mon côté je privilegie le petit coucou pour les copains, et ceux que j’entends correctement.
Ce matin il y a des moments ou il était impossible de savoir si l’activeur m’avait retourné le clé!
Quand je pense que certains, après , me reprochent d’appeller et de ne pas répondre de suite quand on me répond!!! encore faudrait il pouvoir !!! hi hi
Bon week end

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SOTA CW activators and chasers have gone into overdrive this morning Andy. It has been a feeding frenzy on 40m.

With well in excess of 100 chaser points on offer before lunch and 4 or 5 activations running at the same time it has been impossible to work them all.

Let us hope for a quiet Monday to catch up with the paperwork.

Must go - I hear Norby calling again !!


In reply to F5AKL:
Hi Andy.
I enjoy the overwhelming activity. Have worked 19 summits so far today, which is my personal record. We don’t hear all stations up here in Norway, conditions are not very good here in the north.
The QRM is hard most of the time, I would appreciate if SOTA stations would use more split-frequency traffic…
Regards and good hunting