Best way to transport coax cable?


tried everything to transport my coax cable safely when carrying all my stuff up a summit or somewhere else. Put it in an empty can from Danish Cookies, but that means that I’ll have to wind it in an exact circle of an exact diameter. However I’ll do it, the cable gets oddly twisted.

Any advice how to do this the best way?

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The cable needs a slight twist between the finger and thumb to form a circle. I then use two short velcro straps to keep it nice and neat. When getting it ready for use, unroll it fully. That way it always stays neat. There is no need to store the cable in a tin.

When winding wires the secret is to use a figure of eight technique. This automatically adds the right twist and allows the aerial to be deployed really quickly with no tangles.



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Actually, I was rather thinking of some spool I could wind it on as all my antennas are already transported this way without any damage or twisting. I can even use a wireless screwdriver to wind them up after use…

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Oh, NOW I understand… Thanks for the advice, I will go and try this, but I am sure this will work pretty well for me…!

Best 73!

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You really don’t need a spool for the co-ax if you use the right technique.