Best VHF DX lists

To avoid hi-jacking Adrian’s thread regarding distances achieved on 2m FM, could anyone wishing to respond to the question of lists please do so here.

Thanks in anticipation.

Original post:

I was just thinking about this Adrian and wondered whether there was any interest in having a list similar to that for the number of QSOs during an activation. Then I thought about the random factors that might affect the list, such as Tropo conditions, Sporadic E, etc. Such a list would be subject to an activator being in the right place at the right time. Thinking on, I wondered whether there would be any merit in listing long distance S2S contacts or contacts at say 70cms and above where the random factors are reduced.

What do others think?

73, Gerald

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Here’s a likely entry:

Fri 10:43 OE9HRV/P on OE/VB-349 144.330 ssb
Herbert, can you beam 308’ please, I can just hear you in UK (Posted by G0NES)

I guess that’s about 1700km :wink:


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What do others think?

Lists are the root of all evil



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Lists are the root of all evil

… said the man who got us all hooked. :slight_smile:

73, Richard (really pining for the hills)