Best summit in Belgium: ON-028!


Last Friday, Christophe (ON6ZQ) and myself decided to take a day off and activate a few unknown summits.

Our first target was the new addition to the Belgian summit list: ON/ON-028 located near Genk. The summit is in fact an old mining slag heap (mining remains). Belgian summits (as the Dutch ones) are rather “shallow” and covered with trees(it is not for nothing that this part of Europe is called low-lands). This one is a real summit and quite a challenge to climb (and even more challenging: getting down…). This one has beautiful view. Highly recommended.

I am particularly proud and happy of that activation: a year ago I was still in hospital as a consequence of my accident. Thanks for the help of Christophe (ON6ZQ) to make this possible and the SOTA community to give such goals and pleasures possible.

Although the propagation was lousy, we had a great SOTA day.

You can see a few pictures at SOTA activation (3 May 2013) | Flickr

@ Peter (ON4UP), Belgian association manager
As you can see, I proudly fly my new SOTA flag…

73 and see you on the air
Jean-Marc, ON4KJM

In reply to ON4KJM:

I am very happy to see that you and Christophe are enjoying so much SOTA Jean-Marc!

73, Peter - ON4UP