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Best DX of the day :-)

I worked some lovely DX today from Drummond Hill CS-114 on 17m: G4OBK! It was by F2 backscatter I guess. Required a bit of effort as Phil QSB’d right away thinking we had a good contact. Luckily he heard me send RST? RST? RST? and continued sending till I could acknowledge him. Must have taken a few minutes in all but it all came good as contacts were a bit thin on the ground.

In fact I self-spotted and Rich, N4EX, was there to answer my 1st CQ on the band. N1EU was next, then Phil and US3LX appeared at 59+++++++ (proper big signal) to complete the activation. N4EX and N1EU were just a touch stronger than Phil. Gotta love 17m. 11ft of wire and a few watts of CW and 5000+km contacts drop at your feet.

Having Rich listening on 14.061 +/- and Roy G4SSH listening on 7.032 +/- means you can call CQ SOTA on either of those bands and know you’ll be worked and spotted in almost no time at all. The dedicated chaser is worth his(her) weight in gold. :slight_smile: Though Roy was noticeably absent on 40m today but I’ll put that down to the propagation being “not right”. (EDIT: He’s in 5B4-land!)

The sun was shining most of the time too apart from the odd snow flake. Scottish WX: 4 seasons in a day, every day!


In reply to MM0FMF:

Hi Andy - you’re having too much fun. Is that what happens what you reach mountain Goat status?

I was playing on 20m yesterday, using my SOTA gear (7m fishing pole and inv vee) in my detached garden. Seems like I was on the wrong band :frowning:

I heard a few 'K4’s calling for their Virginia QSO party, but none responded to my reply.

I did work four stations with my 1 Watt of CW from my newest SOTA rig - a Small Wonder Labs SW20+. It’s amazing using such a selective receiver - I’m not used to superhets!

I need to get myself a 17m rig for SOTA that’s got a bit of juice - something like 2 Watts would be fab! :slight_smile:


In reply to MM0FMF:
Andy, I checked the time when u worked pretty good DX. At Drummond Hill u´ve been at 15:00. I was at 10:30 on OE/VB-132, 30min belated.
My alert was on 30m so I only listened on 17m for a brief moment, I´d the feeling the band was not so open at 10:30.

Thanks!!! to the 2 hams OM? and ?BMX for waiting for me today on 30m, but qrm made the contact impossible.

The WX made me to leave the summit!!! after a few minutes on the radio without any qso.

arno oe9amj 73