Best dipole orientation for VK JA ZL from Europe?

This might seem like an obvious question, but which direction are you all pointing your antennas tomorrow, if you have the kind that can be pointed?

I think I know the answer…

Mark. M0NOM

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Please point them at me…

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Omni - but chiefly, to the sky…


Hi Mark for stations in the UK the rough direction for Long Path (for VK/ZL) is going to be somewhere around North West however … unless they are very high most dipoles will be omni-directional so they can’t be pointed in any particular direction. Those using vertical antennas - these are also omni-directional.

I think end-fed halfwaves in a horizontal polarisation may have a “little” directionability but again only if they are high enough.

So realistically set your antenna up keeping it as far away from structures as you can, get it as high as you can and let “the magic of radiowaves” do the rest!

73 Ed.

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Err…I think you mean from south west to west for LP from the UK to VK. (and a bit more south for ZL North Island)

Sorry your right, for me it’s around WNW from here - as you say WSW from the UK seems about right. In any case the opposite direction to what you would normally think and as I’ve said for most portable antennas the direction they run is not important in any case.

73 Ed.

Long path Munich to Sydney, ~24000km bearing 260degs
Short path Munich to Sydney, ~16000km bearing 80degs

Long path Leeds to Sydney, ~23000km bearing 235degs
Short path Leeds to Sydney, ~17000km bearing 55degs

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OK thanks, think I’ll point it a little in the right direction based on the hilltop shape. I have had long contacts right off the end of the dipole which vindicates the theory that there is very little directionality.

What effect does rain have :smiley:

Cheers, Mark.

You get wet :grin:

seriously - as long as it doesn’t get into any connectors or coax - no affect at all.

I think it can help to set up at the top of a slope falling away from the antenna in the direction of interest…

I don’t have any references to quote, though…

Hope it goes well, I won’t be on the air in the morning, I’m afraid.


I will be switching between two inverted V half-wave dipoles, broadside options are east-west and north-south. My long path antenna’s appex will be at 9 metres above the hilltop.

Temperature around VK1 today will be 29 C. I expect to be battling mosquitoes in the last hour of sunlight. Sunset is 0830 UTC.

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

73 Andrew VK1AD

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Hi Adrian - yes, I’m thinking of using the slope of the hill to best effect for maximum elevation of the inverted V dipole.

Regards, Mark

Not in terms of signal propagation, but your reception can be very badly affected by QRN caused by the pouring rain.


Maybe pack some headphones as well then!

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LOL - I see what you did there :wink: