Bergen in May

Helen, M0TMD, and I are heading to Bergen shortly. Hopefully we will manage a few activations of easy summits. We’ll be in Bergen for a few days from 6th May, and a bit further inland after that. Currently I have in view:

  • LA/HL-019, Løvstakken
  • LA/HL-017, Hauggjelsvarden

Tentative alerts for those are up, but I will revise them as our plans crystalize.



Have fun. Great city and love Norway.

I activated 017 a year ago. Nice views and easy hike.


Thanks to chasers yesterday on LA/HL-028. We had a little trouble reaching the summit but finally set up an EFHW. 20m was very patchy - just two chasers heard initially strong but QSB - otherwise weak and noisy. Helen reached her four with 2 on SSB plus another 2 on ft8. I logged a few more on ft8, also with 10m. I finished with 20m working a bit better with CW.

It looks to be a bit wet today so we’re still planning the day, which may or may not mean a SOTA.

We’re on the cable car heading up to LA/HL-017. Will revise alert once we’re walking again.


Many thanks to chasers today from LA/HL-017, Hauggjelsvarden. The hike was harder than expected with the gpx recording a crazy amount of up and down for what looks like an easy walk by the numbers. And we found Helen’s boots don’t grip well on snow!

We made it to the summit and enjoyed the novelty of a summit log. I notice that Peakbook has the true high point a little to the south west, so I’ll have to check the LA LIDAR data when I get the chance. Anyway it’s all in the same AZ. We set up the EFHW at a point between the two. Sorry our initial calls were at zero power - I had the rig set for the data input. :crazy_face:

With that corrected things worked a lot better than yesterday. We had to head off in a hurry after 20m SSB as the weather was turning.

Many thanks everyone. I’m not sure if we’ll manage another from Bergen, but if not maybe one at the weekend.


Looking at my notes I recorded 8 miles R/T and a total elevation gain/loss of around 1,200 ft.

It is deceptive as in general it all looks “flattish” once the cable car deposits you at the restaurant/vista point.

Nice hike and glad you completed it successfully.



We recorded 700m of ascent/descent which is on the hard-to-believe side. But our legs attest to it today!

Found a Spyset radio in Bergenhus Festning, and also an Enigma. Most interesting.


We diverted on the way inland to attempt another summit. Sadly we were a couple of weeks too early to reach the intended trail head.


Just a short report on our final LA activation on Sunday…

Having done the touristy stuff in Flåm we were heading back to an apartment at Breistein, north of Bergen, ready to fly home the next day. A convenient summit near that destination is LA/HL-360, Stemmesegga. So we crossed Osterøybrua and wiggled through Haus and Votlo, to reach a parking spot 2km west of the summit.

This time the terrain was more like we’re used to, but with juniper bushes substituting for gorse (so less prickly!). But still it took us a while.

We set up at the high point, again with an EFHW. Conditions were reasonable and we worked through a nice run of 20m ssb chasers together.

After that we returned to the car and relished a ferry trip to our destination.

Helen and I very much enjoyed our LA trip. Many many thanks to all of you who made our activation logs, especially to Allan, @GW4VPX, ready at little to no notice each time. Special thanks also to Chris @F4WBN also for working us on every summit.

I’ll get gpx routes for the summits up shortly. But actually Peak Book was an excellent source for all of them.

Sadly Jet2 fly this route only in April/May it seems, so we can’t repeat the trip till next year!


Thank you both for all the summit contacts. It was fun chasing you👍 I think G/SP-001 will be be a bit tame after your adventure😄 Will be in touch soon.