Benefits of a correctly charged battery

Mai Ling had an inset day today and due to a change of plans I was tasked with entertainment. I recall just a few years ago when son Lewis could be persuaded to make a full day’s ascent for the promise of an icecream at the end. ML, being a girl, has more expensive tastes. Thus it was with the promise of a pub lunch that we set out for Gun. It was a lovely morning and we enjoyed the sunshine and a rather relaxed 2m SSB activation. No DX but pleased to get Phil G4OBK across the hills.

Lunch was taken in the Royal Oak at Rushton SJ939623. I have driven by his pub hundreds of times but have never been in. A selection of Theakstons ales on tap, a friendly landlord and landlady and really good food means that I will be back soon! I will add the details to my Gun tips.

So good was the meal and so happy was ML that I felt it was worth risking suggesting a second hill (easy when you have properly charged batteries). She agreed and off we went to Bosley Cloud. We saw no-one on Gun but The Cloud is always busy. The little carpark was full (5 cars) so we made other parking arrangements. At the top we saw walkers, runners, model glider people and most unexpected, two climbers with racks of gear more suitable for long routes in Yosemite. I laughed and asked them if they were lost but they had been doing a few routes on The Cloud. I suggested that they seemed a trifle over-equipped but they said they liked a choice. They left muttering about being somewhat embarrassed. How I wish that I had a camera.

Another gentle activation. S2S with GW3TJE/p and a QRZ from a French station but no QSO resulted. Returned home and put battery back on charge.



climbers with racks of gear more suitable for long routes in Yosemite.

Did they have drills too?..
Is there a trig point? Perhaps they were going to bolt their way up it? :slight_smile:

Indoor wall chaps outside for the first time perhaps… bless.

73 Marc G0AZS

QUOTE: “…two climbers with racks of gear more suitable for long routes in Yosemite.”

In reply to G3CWI:

A gentle reminder that being prepared doesn’t necessarily mean taking ice axes, crampons, and three miles of rope before tackling a summit, it means doing a bit of research too. :o)

Theakstons! - Sounds like my kind of pub.

Nice to catch you no both summits today.

73 Steve GW7AAV

:slight_smile: maybe we’re being a bit harsh… perhaps they were training for a “big route”.

Think of it in SOTA terms… carrying your FT1000 up a low summit would be great training to carry an 817 up Scafell… :slight_smile:

73 Marc G0AZS

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Only if the weather forecast says it will be hotter than the Sahara in which case it is bound to throw it down.


In reply to GW7AAV:

Sounds like my kind of pub to Steve, had some there peculiar stuff tonight down the local good stuff but thas not need meny lad, i get to six after six of John Smith’s to round the night off.

Terry G0VWP