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Ben More GM/SS-001- route advice

Planning doing Ben More SS-001 soon and am seeking advice on choice of routes. Of the two that I have come across one starts from Benmore Farm and heads up the rather steep NW side of the Ben, the other starts a little further east along the road at NN 45235 27637 and heads up through the woods and the NE ridge. Can anyone offer me advice on which is the easier of the two routes or even suggest an alternative route.


In reply to GM4CFS:

Not an easy choice, Glyn, the ascent from Benmore Farm is a steep and uninteresting grind suitable only for determined masochists, whilst the approach to the NE ridge prior to a circuit of Coire Chaorach takes you through a quagmire before rewarding you with a nice ridge walk. I’d go for the latter!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to GM4CFS:

Whilst I’ve not done Ben More I’ve got it on the immediate to do list should we get a sunny weekend before the frosts come. What I can say is that the Benmore Farm route climbs 1000m in 3000m. Which I think is classed as “unrelenting”. You can also start at Benmore Farm and continue to the end of the track by Benmore Burn and then head East up the slopes to the Bealach-eadar-dha Beinn and thence up the South face of Ben More. My Anquet route for that says 1024m climbed in 5kms which sounds better than the first route.

The other route you mention climbs out of the forest and up the Sron nam Forsairean ridge. All the reports I’ve read say the lower forest sections are very boggy and eroded. With the recent rain we’ve have it sounds like that may be a bogtastic wonderland!

You could go for the big day out and do Stob Binnein 1st then nip down to the bealach and up to Ben More. But I ran out of steam just doing Stob Binnein never mind a further 300m descent and reascent to Ben More summit.

The biggest problem is that most starting points for Ben More are around 170m and it’s 1174m high which means you’re going to climb 1000m in quite a short distance.

Robin was up there a few weeks back so he will know better. Of course I think Robin must own a pair of Nasa Technotrousers (http://www.unmannedspaceflight.com/index.php?s=dfdefb7697702bc2ba51fc188fc90780&act=attach&type=post&id=4394) judging by how he romps up the hills!


In reply to GM4CFS:


Ben More was the very first SOTA ativation that I did.

The route I took was up from Ben More farm via a geocache on the west side of the hill, which has no path to follow. The route down followed a undefined path which dissapeared at various times.

The climb up is very wet even in summer so after any rain probably best to expect wet feet at some point.

A little more information here:-

Carolyn (G6WRW)

In reply to GM4CFS:

I did this route from Benmore Farm and can confirm that you have to be some sort of masochist to enjoy it - started in sunshine, ended in snow, descended to the beallach between Ben More and Stob Binnien, hid from the wind behind the boulder, went to the pub (best decision I ever made!). I would take the route to the beallach between the two hills and make the ascent from there; minor scrambles on the way up, no exposure but parts of the route in are boggy.

If it is very windy go to the Drovers instead and sit by the fire!


Barry GM4TOE

I must be a masochist, I always climb from Benmore Farm !!!

Yes it is steep and unrelenting but it gets me up there quicker - more time to play radio.

It is worth thinking about doing Stob Binnien at the same time. Another 10 pointer for just over 200m additional climb. The bealach-eadar-dha Beinn makes a good descent route but as Barry has pointed out it is a bit damp in places. Once you are down into Benmore Glen there is a good 4x4 track back to the farm.

Robin. GM7PKT.

In reply to GM4CFS:
Only done Ben More once some years ago in a circular route starting from the A85 NN 45235 27637 which you have mentioned,once through the woods headed up onto Stob Creagach & along the ridge to Stob Coire an lochain,Stob Binnein then Ben More,returning N.E towards the woods again and back to the start point.A bit of a marathon but well worth the effort!